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      Emotion in experience design

      By Meriel Lenfestey 28 Jan 2014

      As experience designers are we designing the mechanism to achieve specific goals? Or the functional relationships between brand touch-points over time? Or the emotional journey as we use products & services?

      Tags: Experience design, UX design thinking

      iOS 7, flat design and durable interfaces

      By Foolproof 23 Jan 2014

      Is Apple cooking up a visual language flexible enough to adapt to different shapes, sizes and contexts? This post explores what the future could look like for the Apple interface.

      Tags: Mobile & smart devices

      Android's weak gravity

      By Philip Morton 20 Jan 2014

      Contradicting commentary during 2013 on the Apple vs Android battle, this post shares some interesting insight about ownership and intention of smartphone users as they move from their first to second to third phone. The more smartphones a person has had, the more likely they are to own an iPhone.

      Tags: Brand & marketing, Mobile & smart devices

      An Event Apart: understanding and shaping the future of digital

      By Foolproof 13 Jan 2014

      Key themes and principles discussed during the 'An Event Apart: understanding and shaping the future of digital' 2013 conference.

      Tags: UX design thinking

      Christmas surge in 'click-and-collect' points way toward multi-channel future

      By Peter Ballard 07 Jan 2014

      Our latest research shows that click-and-collect was the success story for retailers this Christmas demonstrating that retailers are finally getting to grips with the realities of multi-channel retailing.

      Tags: Consumer & retail, Consumer behaviour

      Festive student visit

      By Foolproof 06 Jan 2014

      We opened our doors to students interested in a career in UX. Fed up on mince pies they headed out into the wild to do some real life research into showrooming.

      Tags: UX jobs & skills, Foolproof news

      Mikhail Kalashnikov, design thinker

      By Rob Gillham 03 Jan 2014

      Mikhail Kalashnikov, the man who invented the ubiquitous AK47 rifle was an innovator in his field whose achievements offer lessons for design thinkers from all walks of life.

      Tags: UX design thinking

      The negative brand effect of ill-considered mobile updates

      By Foolproof 02 Jan 2014

      Published by Digital Marketing Magazine, this article explores why planning ahead of large mobile operating systems updates is essential for retaining customer loyalty and protecting the bottom line.

      Tags: Brand & marketing, Mobile & smart devices

      How to pass the job interview

      By Foolproof 20 Dec 2013

      Looking for a job in experience design? This article focuses on some of the more difficult questions you may be asked in a job interview.

      Tags: UX jobs & skills

      Fresh blood (sweat and tears)

      By Foolproof 19 Dec 2013

      We recently hosted a weekend event for students from That Awesome Design Association (TADA!), of Loughborough University where we set them two design challenges.

      Tags: UX jobs & skills

      The Coca-Cola Company and creativity

      By Lauren Coleman 17 Dec 2013

      Sketchnotes from presentation by Jonathan Mildenhall, who is responsible for leading global creative vision and strategy for The Coca-Cola Company’s portfolio of global brands.

      Tags: Brand & marketing

      UX Pub Crawl

      By Danielle Lyon 12 Dec 2013

      With Christmas coming we’ve put in some hard hours looking at emerging user experiences in pubs and restaurants – a UX pub crawl. Here's what we did, where we did it and what we thought of it.

      Tags: Foolproof news

      Service Design Network conference sketchnotes

      By Lauren Coleman 28 Nov 2013

      Foolproof recently sponsored the Service Design Network Conference. While we were there we made some sketchnotes for a selection of the presentations.


      The principles of Playful

      By Foolproof 22 Nov 2013

      Takeaways in the form of design principles from this year's Playful event for easy consumption.


      UX Strat 2013, what did we learn?

      By Foolproof 20 Nov 2013

      UX Strat was a three-day conference with one day of workshops and two days of speakers. It gave us all the opportunity to put our heads together to work out what UX strategy really is and to discuss this emerging field.

      Tags: Brand & marketing, UX strategy

      Where’s the win/win in retail banking?

      By Tom Wood, Tim Loo 15 Nov 2013

      In this video Tim and I share our thoughts about the contrasting needs of banks and their customers. We draw some conclusions about where these overlap and what this might suggest for Banks about experience design strategy.

      Tags: Financial services, Experience design, UX strategy

      The secret to Butlins' business transformation

      By Lauren Coleman 12 Nov 2013

      Sketchnotes from our interview with Jamie Thomson, Head of Entertainment at Butlins, on the internal and external transformation of the business.

      Tags: Travel & leisure

      Can design be both intuitive and innovative?

      By Jan Srutek 04 Nov 2013

      This post explores the role of the ‘familiar’ in helping users embrace innovative new products and services.

      Tags: UX design thinking

      Bridging the experience gap

      By Foolproof 30 Oct 2013

      Where do the business goals of banks overlap with the personal needs of their customers? In this webinar Tom Wood and Tim Loo share their conclusions drawn from thousands of hours of Qualitative research with banking customers.

      Tags: Financial services, UX strategy

      It’s alive! The new Foolproof site

      By Peter Ballard 24 Oct 2013

      Those of you who know Foolproof of old, will have noticed that we have a brand new website and a whole new visual identity too.

      Tags: Foolproof news

      Redesigning business culture and thinking around the customer

      By Tim Loo 21 Oct 2013

      This post contains Tim Loo's slideshare presentation from UX Strat '13 where he discussed the challenges and opportunities for UX strategists in redesigning organisational attitudes and thinking around the customer.

      Tags: Brand & marketing, Experience design, UX strategy