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      The negative brand effect of ill-considered mobile updates

      By Foolproof 02 Jan 2014

      Published by Digital Marketing Magazine, this article explores why planning ahead of large mobile operating systems updates is essential for retaining customer loyalty and protecting the bottom line.

      Tags: Brand & marketing, Mobile & smart devices

      Android's weak gravity

      By Philip Morton 20 Jan 2014

      Contradicting commentary during 2013 on the Apple vs Android battle, this post shares some interesting insight about ownership and intention of smartphone users as they move from their first to second to third phone. The more smartphones a person has had, the more likely they are to own an iPhone.

      Tags: Brand & marketing, Mobile & smart devices

      Consumer credit: here we go again

      By Tom Wood 04 Feb 2014

      After a five year break it looks like a number of UK banks and financial brands are starting to show an interest in personal lending. But will things be different this time around?

      Tags: Brand & marketing, Financial services

      Ryanair’s U-turn on customer experience

      By Ed Walker 12 Feb 2014

      As Ryanair turns its attention to the customer experience, will its strategy go far enough towards creating a culture where both Ryanair and its customers are winners?

      Tags: Brand & marketing, Experience design, Travel & leisure

      The user experience of enterprise technology

      By Rob Gillham 25 Feb 2014

      Most big businesses globally are locked into some kind of reliance on enterprise technology. Unfortunately such systems are not only fiendishly difficult to install and maintain, but often equally challenging for the workforce to use. When the stakes are so high, why is the user experience of enterprise systems so bad?

      Tags: Brand & marketing, Business to business

      Designing for the online haggle

      By Peter Ballard 05 Mar 2014

      "Bagging a bargain" is an engrained part of the shopping psyche in Asia. How can this bargaining mentality be catered for when shopping online?

      Tags: Brand & marketing, Consumer behaviour, International

      Banks that love you back

      By Foolproof 06 May 2014

      Now that it’s easier for customers to switch current accounts, banks are attempting to entice people in with new initiatives. But customer loyalty is a bank’s greatest opportunity for attracting switchers. Here's why...

      Tags: Brand & marketing, Financial services

      UX strategy at UX Brighton

      By Tim Loo 15 May 2014

      This presentation frames UX strategy in the context in which I mainly work with Foolproof clients - large multinational corporations – and why I think UX professionals have an opportunity to take a leading role in the formation of customer experience strategy.

      Tags: Brand & marketing, Experience design, UX strategy

      Get your staff on board with new technology

      By Anne Kehlet Bavngaard 20 May 2014

      When designing user experiences it can be compelling to think of customers as the most important users and pay less attention to other user groups. But, in doing so, important insights may be missed. Our recent research into mobile tapping highlighted this exact problem.

      Tags: Brand & marketing, Mobile & smart devices, Consumer behaviour

      In praise of improvement

      By Tom Wood 26 Jun 2014

      ‘Innovation’ as a buzzword is back filling up column inches, blogs and tweets. But whilst many businesses are obsessing over whether they’re being innovative enough, the true innovators are those who are simply doing a good job at making improvements.

      Tags: Brand & marketing, UX design thinking

      M&S fall in online sales highlights the risks of replatforming

      By Peter Ballard 14 Jul 2014

      Too many companies view replatforming as a technical challenge, rather than seeing it for what it is: a customer challenge. M&S’s recent announcement of a decline in online sales is a timely reminder the risks involved in major replatforming programmes.

      Tags: Brand & marketing, Consumer & retail

      Service Design Network sketchnotes 2014

      By Lauren Coleman 15 Oct 2014

      Sketchnotes taken during two talks given at the SDGC event in Stockholm focusing on the importance and value of employee statisfaction and customer experience

      Tags: Brand & marketing, Experience design

      Redesigning business culture and thinking around the customer

      By Tim Loo 21 Oct 2013

      This post contains Tim Loo's slideshare presentation from UX Strat '13 where he discussed the challenges and opportunities for UX strategists in redesigning organisational attitudes and thinking around the customer.

      Tags: Brand & marketing, Experience design, UX strategy

      7-day bank switching could fall flat

      By Peter Ballard 16 Sep 2013

      The current account switching service promises to make it easier for customers to switch banks. This post addresses whether this new service will have a measurable impact.

      Tags: Brand & marketing, Financial services

      Lightning talks on content strategy

      By Lauren Coleman 04 Jul 2013

      Lightening talks on content strategy offered speakers the chance to give their unique perspectives on the topic, providing best practice tips and tricks and sparking fast moving discussions. Three distinct themes emerged from the eight talks; Be original, collaborate and capture real data.

      Tags: Brand & marketing

      Impact of Consumer Rights bill on Customer Experience

      By Meriel Lenfestey 11 Jul 2013

      The Consumer Rights Bill has been described as “the most radical overhaul of consumer law for more than three decades”. This post looks at the impact of the Bill and whether it will enable companies to take a longer term view.

      Tags: Brand & marketing, UX design thinking

      UX Strategy and the Age of Alignment

      By Tim Loo 22 May 2013

      UX Strategy can help big organisations overcome their obstacles to providing a great user experience. This article explores the four pillars of user experience strategy that together are crucial in facilitating alignment and a common sense of purpose within businesses.

      Tags: Brand & marketing, Experience design, UX strategy

      Top down user experience

      By Meriel Lenfestey 26 Feb 2013

      Organisational attitudes towards UX are starting to mature with a noticeable organisational shift towards customer-centricity as a means to drive success within big businesses.

      Tags: Brand & marketing, Experience design, UX strategy

      UX Strat 2013, what did we learn?

      By Foolproof 20 Nov 2013

      UX Strat was a three-day conference with one day of workshops and two days of speakers. It gave us all the opportunity to put our heads together to work out what UX strategy really is and to discuss this emerging field.

      Tags: Brand & marketing, UX strategy

      The Coca-Cola Company and creativity

      By Lauren Coleman 17 Dec 2013

      Sketchnotes from presentation by Jonathan Mildenhall, who is responsible for leading global creative vision and strategy for The Coca-Cola Company’s portfolio of global brands.

      Tags: Brand & marketing