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      The user experience of enterprise technology

      By Rob Gillham 25 Feb 2014

      Most big businesses globally are locked into some kind of reliance on enterprise technology. Unfortunately such systems are not only fiendishly difficult to install and maintain, but often equally challenging for the workforce to use. When the stakes are so high, why is the user experience of enterprise systems so bad?

      Tags: Brand & marketing, Business to business

      Create an improved user experience with off-the-shelf tech

      By Rob Gillham 16 Jul 2014

      With budgets increasingly squeezed, many businesses are looking to gain maximum value from reduced IT expenditure. This has led to increasingly price-driven procurement of software platforms. It is often assumed – wrongly - that this fiscal pragmatism must also come at a cost to user experience.

      Tags: Technology, Business to business

      Risk of mobile for B2B & enterprise orgs

      By Rob Gillham 05 Feb 2013

      There is a lack of data available to support decision making when designing for mobile in B2B and internal business environments. This makes designing for mobile difficult and it’s therefore important to consider a number of factors.

      Tags: Mobile & smart devices, Business to business

      The challenges of B2B User Experience

      By Rob Gillham 19 Jun 2012

      User experience design in the B2B domain is falling behind that of B2C, with internal systems that are time consuming to use and provide a poor user experience. This post addresses the challenges facing B2B organisations and UX consultants when tackling these systems.

      Tags: UX design thinking, Business to business

      B2B site design and context

      By Dan Marley 15 Nov 2011

      In a design process, understanding your customer segmentation is not enough, you must understand the surrounding context your users are in. When designing any staff tools or systems it’s important to understand job design and physical environmental factors so they integrate rather than conflict with the existing infrastructure.

      Tags: Financial services, Business to business

      From organisational vision to action

      By Valerie Oon 23 Feb 2016

      For a large organisation, turning vision into action can prove challenging. But there are a number of ways to turn a service vision into practice at ground level. Here we explore a couple of the processes that can help achieve this.

      Tags: Business to business, Experience design

      WeChat: Inside a Super App

      By Foolproof 07 Nov 2017

      We sent a team to Shanghai to run a rapid ethnography with both consumer and business-owning WeChat users. We conducted both guerrilla research and in-depth interviews with a range of people from baby boomers to millennials to get a clear picture of WeChat ecommerce from all sides.