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      Christmas surge in 'click-and-collect' points way toward multi-channel future

      By Peter Ballard 07 Jan 2014

      Our latest research shows that click-and-collect was the success story for retailers this Christmas demonstrating that retailers are finally getting to grips with the realities of multi-channel retailing.

      Tags: Consumer & retail, Consumer behaviour

      Why retailers in Asia need to get smart about digital design

      By Keynes Yeo 01 Jul 2014

      Understanding what customers want from the shopping experience is essential for Asian retailers looking to stand apart from their competitors. Getting good at design and smart about digital poses big challenges, but the rewards are there for the retailers who get it right.

      Tags: Consumer & retail, International

      Selling to the tech-savvy Chinese consumer

      By Foolproof 09 Jul 2014

      China is a market that you just can’t ignore these days. Marketers wanting to succeed in this market need to have a strong strategic focus on mobile and social.

      Tags: Consumer & retail, International

      M&S fall in online sales highlights the risks of replatforming

      By Peter Ballard 14 Jul 2014

      Too many companies view replatforming as a technical challenge, rather than seeing it for what it is: a customer challenge. M&S’s recent announcement of a decline in online sales is a timely reminder the risks involved in major replatforming programmes.

      Tags: Brand & marketing, Consumer & retail

      Quiet Riots: an interesting new resource for customer experience design

      By Foolproof 25 Nov 2014

      Quiet Riots is a place for customers to express their issues about a product or a service and to get together in hope of changing the future of that experience. The app could be a useful tool for brands which are serious about understanding and improving their customer experience.

      Tags: Mobile & smart devices, Consumer & retail

      12 tips for retailers for improving the Xmas experience

      By Foolproof 12 Dec 2014

      We’ve entered into the spirit of festivities and had a quick whip round to compile this list of top tips for retailers looking to create a cracking experience for customers this Christmas.

      Tags: Mobile & smart devices, Experience design, Consumer & retail

      Innovating for agile retail: The Drum Live

      By Foolproof 19 Jul 2013

      Reflections from The Drum Live where vendor and client-side leaders discuss topics such as retail service design and social platform strategy.

      Tags: Consumer & retail

      Emerging technologies meets luxury brands

      By Lauren Coleman 31 Jul 2013

      Many luxury brands have successfully implemented new technologies and as a result enhanced their brand presence and reached out to new customers. This post looks at how these brands have used these technologies to create richer experiences.

      Tags: Technology, Consumer & retail

      Thoughts from Retail Week Live

      By Peter Ballard 19 Mar 2013

      At Retail Week Live 2013 the well-publicised challenges facing the sector were at the forefront of talks and conversations. Themes included the rise of mobile, the omni-channel challenge and the changing face retail spaces.

      Tags: Consumer & retail

      Domino's invests in digital experience

      By Foolproof 05 Mar 2013

      Domino’s Pizza Chief Executive Lance Batchelor recently spoke about his aims to digitise the group. As their experience design partner we are delighted to be working alongside such a forward thinking team during an exciting period of change.

      Tags: Consumer & retail

      Investing in a digital shopping experience that fits

      By Foolproof 11 Feb 2013

      Online shopping is growing in popularity but the long and costly task of dealing with returns and exchanges is causing problems for retailers. To reduce this cost, businesses must improve the initial buying experience.

      Tags: Consumer & retail

      Was HMV the first victim of showrooming?

      By Peter Ballard 21 Jan 2013

      Showrooming is a hot topic in the retail sector. This post examines the fall of HMV and how they failed to understand and respond to changes in consumer shopping behaviour.

      Tags: Consumer & retail, Consumer behaviour

      The true impact of showrooming

      By Foolproof 03 Jan 2013

      A quarter of all UK shoppers showroom, according to our research with 1 in 10 shoppers switching purchases from one retailer to another as a direct result of showrooming.

      Tags: Consumer & retail, Consumer behaviour

      The need for better designed content

      By Foolproof 10 Jan 2013

      Content is used to drive and shape the holistic design of products, spaces and environments and create better customer experiences. Content therefore needs to be part of the design process.

      Tags: Consumer & retail

      Retail: Tablets and the user experience

      By Peter Ballard 29 Oct 2012

      Tablets and iPads are becoming an increasing part of the retail environment as a tool to enhance the shopping experience. Those that succeed will be the ones that make a genuine improvement to an existing shopping experience rather than look like a gimmick.

      Tags: Mobile & smart devices, Consumer & retail

      The power of brand experience

      By Neil Pawley 18 Sep 2012

      Although every company can have a logo, having a brand that is instantly recognisable and easily differentiated from the competition is the sign of a truly successful company. An effective brand experience allows you to recall a brand name without ever having seen the logo.

      Tags: Brand & marketing, Consumer & retail

      What is the difference between Research and Insight?

      By Peter Ballard 21 May 2012

      ‘Insight’ and ‘Research’ are often used interchangeably but in truth they are quite different. Research can tell us what is happening, but we need insight to understand why it is happening, and crucially, what to do about it. In projects it’s really important that we don’t just stop at research finding.

      Tags: Consumer & retail, UX design & practice

      Getting the trial experience right

      By Philip Morton 14 May 2012

      Being able to try a product or service ahead of purchase greatly increases chances of conversion. Fitting rooms and game demos are ways to allow people to sample the experience. However, if these previews are poor quality then those prospects are unlikely to turn into customers.

      Tags: Consumer & retail, UX design & practice

      Cookies update

      By Meriel Lenfestey 25 Apr 2012

      The EU privacy directive has driven much debate. Our advice to clients is to understand the spirit of the law and then interpret it in a way which maps to the level of risk the organisation is prepared to take and the context of the business.

      Tags: Brand & marketing, Consumer & retail

      EU Cookie Directive could make the web less accessible for all

      By Meriel Lenfestey 19 Jan 2012

      The new EU Privacy Directive requires online services which make use of cookies or similar technologies to gain informed consent from consumers before they can use them on their website. Our research suggests that the Directive could make the web less accessible for all.

      Tags: Brand & marketing, Consumer & retail