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      Why Quantified Self falls short for health tracking

      By Foolproof 28 Aug 2014

      Technology is fueling an obsession with collecting personal data. But without insight and interpretation what does this data actually tell us beyond the basic facts such as distance or number of steps?

      Tags: Technology, Data & analytics

      Website optimisation - live is not the finish line

      By Nicky Walker 19 Sep 2014

      Launching a new website costs a lot of time and money. But in order to fully capitalise on your investment, optimisation is needed to fine tune the user experience. The tiny stuff is where you stand to make the biggest impact.

      Tags: Optimisation, Data & analytics, UX design & practice

      The big data, analytics and UX love affair

      By Leslie Fountain 02 Jul 2013

      Big data and analytics alone are not enough to win significant competitive advantage. To understand human behaviour, motivations and emotional triggers and therefore create more personal and engaging experiences, you need to understand the full context.

      Tags: Data & analytics

      Data is not a dirty word in design

      By Foolproof 18 Apr 2012

      There is a strong constituency in the design community that believe data has no place in the design process. The reality is that good design stems from the right reason for creativity. Understanding the pain points the customer experiences helps to define the problem-space and build a platform for truly creative thinking.

      Tags: Data & analytics, UX design thinking

      Analytics won’t help you design for the future

      By Foolproof 03 Feb 2012

      Hard data and analytics have become the chief source of insight in digital for many businesses. But analytics should not be seen as a surrogate for qualitative research and close customer collaboration, particularly when it comes to big decisions in digital strategy.

      Tags: Data & analytics, UX design thinking

      Customer experience measurement: thinking beyond service

      By Tom Wood 11 Jan 2012

      As marketing models have evolved, customer experience measures are becoming more effective at predicting positive business outcomes than traditional methods. This post suggests some customer experience measures that really count.

      Tags: Brand & marketing, Data & analytics

      Be clever...measure

      By Nicky Walker 23 May 2011

      By using a structured roll-out of your site improvements, you can measure the impact of individual changes and use those learnings for future optimisation.

      Tags: Optimisation, Data & analytics

      EU Cookie Directive and what it means to you

      By Foolproof 14 Oct 2011

      It’s was evident from the 2011 JUMP conference that the EU Cookie Directive had left people confused and unsure of what measures they needed to put in place to comply with the law. Conrad Bennet’s overriding point in his presentation was that there’s no quick fix.

      Tags: Data & analytics

      Report: Econsultancy on conversion

      By Nicky Walker 15 Jul 2010

      In Econsultancy’s first published report on conversion it was shocking to learn that 5% of companies and 10% of suppliers say they (or their clients) still do not track conversion rates. Investment seems to be falling short in this area, but with free tools available it is worrying that so many companies are doing so little to improve conversion.

      Tags: Data & analytics

      Monkeying around with MVT

      By Tom Wood 03 Nov 2009

      Multivariate testing (MVT) is a great way to monetise customer insight, but it can be an extremely expensive way to generate customer insight. By conducting user research you can pin-point where you have pressure points or problems in your sales process and focus MVT tests on these areas.

      Tags: Data & analytics, UX design & practice

      GDPR: The perfect tonic to reinvigorate your business

      By Foolproof 07 Dec 2017

      If GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) hasn’t featured high on your radar by now, it should do.

      Tags: Financial services, Technology, Data & analytics, UX design thinking

      Why predictive KPIs better inform business change

      By Peter Ballard 01 May 2018

      Investment in digital transformation initiatives is on the rise, our latest publication explores if that investment is being made in vain.

      Tags: Data & analytics, Experience design

      WeChat: Inside a Super App

      By Foolproof 07 Nov 2017

      We sent a team to Shanghai to run a rapid ethnography with both consumer and business-owning WeChat users. We conducted both guerrilla research and in-depth interviews with a range of people from baby boomers to millennials to get a clear picture of WeChat ecommerce from all sides.