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      Emotion in experience design

      By Meriel Lenfestey 28 Jan 2014

      As experience designers are we designing the mechanism to achieve specific goals? Or the functional relationships between brand touch-points over time? Or the emotional journey as we use products & services?

      Tags: Experience design, UX design thinking

      Ryanair’s U-turn on customer experience

      By Ed Walker 12 Feb 2014

      As Ryanair turns its attention to the customer experience, will its strategy go far enough towards creating a culture where both Ryanair and its customers are winners?

      Tags: Brand & marketing, Experience design, Travel & leisure

      UX strategy at UX Brighton

      By Tim Loo 15 May 2014

      This presentation frames UX strategy in the context in which I mainly work with Foolproof clients - large multinational corporations – and why I think UX professionals have an opportunity to take a leading role in the formation of customer experience strategy.

      Tags: Brand & marketing, Experience design, UX strategy

      Which came first, creativity or insight?

      By James Reeve 07 Aug 2014

      Creativity is not a box ticking exercise. But to arrive at the optimum solution there are some underlying principles that need to be addressed.

      Tags: Experience design, UX design thinking

      Waterfall vs Agile in experience design projects

      By Foolproof 10 Sep 2014

      There are primarily two project management methodologies employed by Experience Design agencies: Waterfall and Agile. However, from my experience large experience design projects require a more flexible approach focused on outcomes, rather than process.

      Tags: Experience design, UX design & practice

      Service Design Network sketchnotes 2014

      By Lauren Coleman 15 Oct 2014

      Sketchnotes taken during two talks given at the SDGC event in Stockholm focusing on the importance and value of employee statisfaction and customer experience

      Tags: Brand & marketing, Experience design

      TSB has designs on a better banking experience

      By Peter Ballard 06 Nov 2014

      Banking may not seem the most likely industry in which to find a brand doing something completely different in digital. But it’s exactly this challenge that TSB is tackling head-on by embracing the needs of customers.

      Tags: Financial services, Experience design

      12 tips for retailers for improving the Xmas experience

      By Foolproof 12 Dec 2014

      We’ve entered into the spirit of festivities and had a quick whip round to compile this list of top tips for retailers looking to create a cracking experience for customers this Christmas.

      Tags: Mobile & smart devices, Experience design, Consumer & retail

      Redesigning business culture and thinking around the customer

      By Tim Loo 21 Oct 2013

      This post contains Tim Loo's slideshare presentation from UX Strat '13 where he discussed the challenges and opportunities for UX strategists in redesigning organisational attitudes and thinking around the customer.

      Tags: Brand & marketing, Experience design, UX strategy

      UX Strategy and the Age of Alignment

      By Tim Loo 22 May 2013

      UX Strategy can help big organisations overcome their obstacles to providing a great user experience. This article explores the four pillars of user experience strategy that together are crucial in facilitating alignment and a common sense of purpose within businesses.

      Tags: Brand & marketing, Experience design, UX strategy

      Top down user experience

      By Meriel Lenfestey 26 Feb 2013

      Organisational attitudes towards UX are starting to mature with a noticeable organisational shift towards customer-centricity as a means to drive success within big businesses.

      Tags: Brand & marketing, Experience design, UX strategy

      Experience design: a definition

      By Tom Wood 19 Feb 2013

      With the user experience industry constantly evolving we had a go at writing a definition for experience design that was universal and could be useful to a broad range of professionals.

      Tags: Experience design, UX design & practice

      Design research and the new creativity

      By Tom Wood 16 Jan 2013

      Instead of hindering creativity, user research is enhancing the design process at some of the world’s biggest companies. If research is used in the right way it can reduce risk, allow you to get it right first time and create a safe environment that encourages creativity.

      Tags: Experience design, UX design thinking

      Where’s the win/win in retail banking?

      By Tom Wood, Tim Loo 15 Nov 2013

      In this video Tim and I share our thoughts about the contrasting needs of banks and their customers. We draw some conclusions about where these overlap and what this might suggest for Banks about experience design strategy.

      Tags: Financial services, Experience design, UX strategy

      10 things still to Fix in Experience Design

      By Foolproof 09 Oct 2012

      Although user experience and experience design thinking has matured rapidly, there are still challenges to face in this industry. Here’s our view of some of the peaks we still have to climb if experience design is to become a mainstream business discipline.

      Tags: Experience design

      Breaking organisational silos at UX HK

      By Foolproof 20 Apr 2012

      At UX Hong Kong 2012 breaking down organisational silos was a key topic. This suggested an acceptance with UX professionals from all types of organisations that UX has matured as a discipline and earned the right to play a leading role in supporting business strategy and change.

      Tags: Brand & marketing, Experience design, UX strategy

      The internet is magic

      By Meriel Lenfestey 19 Mar 2012

      The connected world provides the ability to design magical experiences that can surprise and delight. When designing a website or app it’s important to remember that in order to connect emotionally with people the experience needs to be compelling, simple and relevant.

      Tags: Experience design, UX design thinking

      Where’s the X in UX?

      By Christian Barnett 16 Jan 2012

      Designing a digital site or service sometimes requires more than just creating a great functional experience, it needs to be emotionally engaging. Putting the X back in UX means looking beyond just functionality to create a rewarding and branded experience.

      Tags: Experience design

      EU Cookie Directive and your users

      By Meriel Lenfestey 22 Sep 2011

      How to make sure your website complies with the EU E-Privacy Directive without compromising the user experience.

      Tags: Experience design

      The myth of 'doing things properly' and other secrets

      By Peter Ballard 14 Sep 2011

      In experience design, there are many established best-practices, or ‘norms’, that frequently get followed in design. But times change fast and this means not being afraid to challenge the norms, and ask the question “why is this done like this” and “can this be done better? Mike Lynch, CEO of the UK software giant Autonomy, speak about his experiences of building his company from four people and a broom cupboard (which had its own part to play in their early successes) to the company that today HP values at $10billion.

      Tags: Experience design, UX strategy