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      Consumer credit: here we go again

      By Tom Wood 04 Feb 2014

      After a five year break it looks like a number of UK banks and financial brands are starting to show an interest in personal lending. But will things be different this time around?

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      HSBC scoop top CIM award

      By Foolproof 13 Feb 2014

      Congratulations to the HSBC Expat team who won two big awards at last night’s Chartered Institute of Marketing Excellence Awards.

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      Banks that love you back

      By Foolproof 06 May 2014

      Now that it’s easier for customers to switch current accounts, banks are attempting to entice people in with new initiatives. But customer loyalty is a bank’s greatest opportunity for attracting switchers. Here's why...

      Tags: Brand & marketing, Financial services

      UX benchmark: retail banking Singapore

      By Neil Pawley, Khai Seng Hong 07 May 2014

      We’ve been talking to consumers in Singapore to find out what drives their decision-making when shopping for financial services online. Our findings pose some interesting challenges for retail banks in Asia.

      Tags: Financial services, Consumer behaviour, International

      Next Bank Asia - Singapore

      By Keynes Yeo 24 Jun 2014

      We recently attended Next Bank Asia in Singapore where we shared our insight and thinking on how digital channels are serving banking customers in the region. It sparked much debate.

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      TSB has designs on a better banking experience

      By Peter Ballard 06 Nov 2014

      Banking may not seem the most likely industry in which to find a brand doing something completely different in digital. But it’s exactly this challenge that TSB is tackling head-on by embracing the needs of customers.

      Tags: Financial services, Experience design

      How Singaporean banks can optimise their online offering

      By Foolproof 02 Dec 2014

      Digital banking in the ‘little red dot’ has evolved from basic online. Yet bank websites remain nothing more than sales channels saturated with products intent on acquiring customers instead of retaining them.

      Tags: Financial services

      7-day bank switching could fall flat

      By Peter Ballard 16 Sep 2013

      The current account switching service promises to make it easier for customers to switch banks. This post addresses whether this new service will have a measurable impact.

      Tags: Brand & marketing, Financial services

      Global vs Local

      By Neil Pawley 06 Jun 2013

      There's a natural tension between a bank's need to standardise their global offering and the familiar aspects that customer's value in their local branch. In this video Neil Pawley discusses how banks can find the right balance between global and local.

      Tags: Financial services, International

      RDR and the opportunity for digital

      By Peter Ballard 29 Jan 2013

      RDR introduced new rules which determine how we get advice on our finances and how much we pay for it. This presents an opportunity for digital platforms to target consumers who don’t want to pay for advice.

      Tags: Financial services

      Where’s the win/win in retail banking?

      By Tom Wood, Tim Loo 15 Nov 2013

      In this video Tim and I share our thoughts about the contrasting needs of banks and their customers. We draw some conclusions about where these overlap and what this might suggest for Banks about experience design strategy.

      Tags: Financial services, Experience design, UX strategy

      Contactless payment wristbands a festival hit

      By Foolproof 29 Jun 2012

      Since we first tested MasterCard® PayPass™ prepaid contactless wristbands at the Isle of Wight Festival, nearly a fifth of visitors to the 2012 event are reported to have used the technology.

      Tags: Financial services, Technology

      Moments of simplicity in experience design

      By Tim Caynes 08 May 2012

      Moments of simplicity that provide clarity in the design process and help you set the course of the project are invaluable. However, you use an approach that creates the right environment for these moments to happen and invest effort in understanding the problem you are solving.

      Tags: Financial services, UX design & practice

      Making the most of the bank login page

      By Foolproof 05 Apr 2012

      Most customers’ primary point of entry to a bank’s website is the login page, which provides a valuable opportunity to target focused content at particular user segments to create a more positive user experience. Here are three objectives of a typical banking homepage that the login page can fulfil.

      Tags: Financial services, UX design & practice

      Comparison websites and the credit card shopping journey

      By Salma Yousafzai 17 Feb 2012

      We’ve observed consumers in a variety of sectors using comparison websites in their shopping journey but have found it’s rarely the place where they make their final decision. This post looks at the role they play for consumers when shopping for credit cards.

      Tags: Financial services, Consumer behaviour

      Building theme-based information architectures

      By Tim Caynes 14 Feb 2011

      There is often a temptation to dive into information architecture design based solely on acquired knowledge and a well-articulated business objective. However, some of the most effective structures evolve when iterative analysis of research findings and discussion outputs start to surface emerging themes.

      Tags: Financial services, UX design & practice

      It's all good!

      By Peter Ballard 22 Mar 2011

      Allowing people to choose to post their genuinely positive experiences on Facebook and Twitter, is a great way to turn satisfied customers into powerful brand advocates. But be careful of linking promotional offers to those postings.

      Tags: Financial services, Social media

      RIP PPI

      By Peter Ballard 19 May 2011

      As banks decide not to fight PPI claims we reflect on our own research into reported in our Online Shopping Study on Personal Loans back in 2005. The lesson here is that user research will tell you something needs fixing long before the courts or the regulator does.

      Tags: Financial services

      NFC wristbands enhance the festival experience

      By Peter Ballard 22 Jun 2011

      In research we conducted at the Isle of Wight Festival, 100% of Festival goers interviewed said they would use prepaid wristbands to pay for items at other festivals and events.

      Tags: Mobile & smart devices, Financial services

      Contactless payment a win/win

      By Foolproof 15 Jul 2011

      PayPass™ wristbands for MasterCard® are preloaded wristbands that festival goers can load with money prior to and during an event. We visited the Isle of Wight festival to evaluate the customer experience.

      Tags: Mobile & smart devices, Financial services