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      Designing for the online haggle

      By Peter Ballard 05 Mar 2014

      "Bagging a bargain" is an engrained part of the shopping psyche in Asia. How can this bargaining mentality be catered for when shopping online?

      Tags: Brand & marketing, Consumer behaviour, International

      UX benchmark: retail banking Singapore

      By Neil Pawley, Khai Seng Hong 07 May 2014

      We’ve been talking to consumers in Singapore to find out what drives their decision-making when shopping for financial services online. Our findings pose some interesting challenges for retail banks in Asia.

      Tags: Financial services, Consumer behaviour, International

      Next Bank Asia - Singapore

      By Keynes Yeo 24 Jun 2014

      We recently attended Next Bank Asia in Singapore where we shared our insight and thinking on how digital channels are serving banking customers in the region. It sparked much debate.

      Tags: Financial services, International

      Why retailers in Asia need to get smart about digital design

      By Keynes Yeo 01 Jul 2014

      Understanding what customers want from the shopping experience is essential for Asian retailers looking to stand apart from their competitors. Getting good at design and smart about digital poses big challenges, but the rewards are there for the retailers who get it right.

      Tags: Consumer & retail, International

      Selling to the tech-savvy Chinese consumer

      By Foolproof 09 Jul 2014

      China is a market that you just can’t ignore these days. Marketers wanting to succeed in this market need to have a strong strategic focus on mobile and social.

      Tags: Consumer & retail, International

      A handy way of staying in touch abroad

      By Elsa Plumley 25 Jul 2013

      We put 'Handy' to the test. Does this service, which rents smartphone handsets to travellers with unlimited data and calls included, enhance the holiday makers’ experience.

      Tags: Technology, Travel & leisure, International

      Global vs Local

      By Neil Pawley 06 Jun 2013

      There's a natural tension between a bank's need to standardise their global offering and the familiar aspects that customer's value in their local branch. In this video Neil Pawley discusses how banks can find the right balance between global and local.

      Tags: Financial services, International

      Travelling safely for user research overseas

      By Neil Pawley 18 Dec 2012

      As a consultant, immersing yourself in the country you’re conducting research in is beneficial. But it can also be unsettling and sometimes dangerous. Here are some tips for keeping yourself safe abroad.

      Tags: International

      Why getting lost makes you a better researcher

      By Neil Pawley 11 Dec 2012

      Getting lost in a foreign country not only improves the consultant’s comprehension of social context but can also aid their understanding of cultural nuances essential in international research.

      Tags: International

      Foolproof acquires One to One global in Singapore

      By Foolproof 04 Oct 2012

      Foolproof acquired One to One Global Pte. Ltd. a long established Singapore based user experience agency. The acquisition underpins Foolproof’s growth ambitions in Asia and establishes an operational hub for the region.

      Tags: Foolproof news, International

      Consumer mistrust of mobile on the move

      By Neil Pawley 27 Sep 2012

      Although smart phones and tablets can be used for shopping, purchasing or undertaking financial transactions, there is a consumer mistrust of using smart devices for these kinds of operations on the move. This post looks at the reasons for this and possible solutions to overcoming this aversion.

      Tags: Mobile & smart devices, International

      Design principles I learnt in Tokyo

      By Foolproof 10 Jul 2012

      Visiting Tokyo to conduct user research provided a continuous source of inspiration from a user experience design perspective. The attention to design detail in the city was amazing and provided many learnings for design.

      Tags: UX design & practice, International

      Advantages of in-field international research

      By Foolproof 26 Jun 2012

      The web prompts companies of all sizes to consider a wider range of international audiences. There are advantages to conducting face-to-face interviews, but don't underestimate the additional ethnographic value of being in-the-field.

      Tags: International

      Stalking insights with Steve Portigal

      By Tom Wood 28 Feb 2011

      Steve Portigal’s workshop at UXHK highlighted the dangers of moving too swiftly to draw conclusions from fieldwork. By fighting off the instincts to conclude/solve/synthesise until the time and place is right to do so you can seek out the true insight.

      Tags: International

      Trading off efficiency with effectiveness in international UX

      By Amy Shore, Louise Boothroyd 01 Apr 2016

      At Foolproof we work with a host of global brands which operate across multiple markets. This comes with many challenges, one of which is having to balance different consumer attitudes and expectations across multiple territories.

      Tags: UX design & practice, International

      Singapore as a hub for Fintech innovation

      By Keynes Yeo, Jasmine Tan 06 Jan 2017

      Exponential growth over the last three years has positioned Asia, and particularly Singapore, as a centre for Fintech innovation. As local banks continue the fight against disruption, we’re excited for what 2017 will bring in this space.

      Tags: Financial services, International

      Follow the journey of our Singapore UX trainees

      By Keynes Yeo 16 Jan 2017

      We have added four aspiring UX designers to the Foolproof team; two consultant trainees and two designer trainees. They have joined us for a 12-month training programme; 6 months with our Singapore team and 6 months in our UK offices.

      Tags: Foolproof news, International

      Is Facebook Messenger about to eat your app?

      By Tom Wood 15 Nov 2017

      Our recent ethnographic study of WeChat usage in China gives several pointers about how payments, customer experience, and mobile apps are set to evolve in Western economies in the next few years.

      Tags: Financial services, Technology, Consumer & retail, UX design thinking, International

      Foolproof events 2018

      By Foolproof 01 Mar 2018

      We’re always looking to grow our presence in the user experience design community. Whether that’s by hosting, speaking at, or attending events.

      Tags: Foolproof news, International

      Mobile & Africa: Are smartphones really smart?

      By Foolproof 06 Sep 2013

      Commentators have remarked on the opportunity for mobile handset manufacturers, operators and mobile apps in sub-Saharan Africa for years.

      Tags: Mobile & smart devices, International