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      Battle for the living room heats up

      By Philip Morton 24 Apr 2013

      Becoming the first choice for entertainment when people have downtime at home or are socialising with friends is currently the main aim for companies within consumer electronics. Here's some tips for success in this battle for the living room.

      Tags: Games & gaming, Media

      Multi-screen gaming experiences

      By Philip Morton 17 Jul 2012

      Multi-screen gaming was a major theme at E3 and it’s clear that adding a second screen or device to a digital experience opens up a multitude of new gameplay options. However, if UX pitfalls aren’t managed well, businesses won’t be able to capitalise on the potential of multiple screens.

      Tags: Games & gaming, Media

      Connected TV: The Future of Content Discovery

      By Foolproof 12 Jun 2012

      Connected TV brings some marvellous opportunities for innovative new viewing experiences. Enhancing content discovery will be a key consideration when designing new viewing experiences in order for viewers to find relevant content without feeling overwhelmed.

      Tags: Technology, Media

      The connected audience: TV's Kodak Moment

      By Foolproof 07 Jun 2012

      With the introduction of ‘second screens’ there is no longer a clearly dominant mode of TV consumption. With limited free time and virtually unlimited choice, creating a differentiated user experience is becoming the strategic imperative for broadcasters.

      Tags: Technology, Media

      User control and responsive design

      By Foolproof 01 Jun 2012

      When implementing effective responsive designs there are a number of points to consider. With people using their mobile devices for an increasing number of tasks you can no longer distinguish between mobile and desktop content making responding to the user’s real world context a complex task.

      Tags: UX design thinking, Media

      TV: Coming to a (second) screen near you

      By Peter Ballard 02 Apr 2012

      The socially connected generation are already well established on dual screen viewing and both broadcasters and brands are waking up to the opportunities this behaviour presents, such as integrated social engagement, e-commerce opportunities, or enhanced content.

      Tags: Mobile & smart devices, Media

      TV: In pursuit of effortless multi-screen viewing

      By Foolproof 17 Jan 2012

      The increase in multi-screen television viewing poses a challenge for content providers designing future viewing experiences. This post looks at the two factors that content providers must consider if they are to create truly engaging experiences: control and choice.

      Tags: Consumer & retail, Media

      The challenges of retaining serendipity and simplicity: IPTV & YouView

      By Foolproof 01 Mar 2011

      Video on Demand (VoD) services such as iPlayer and 4oD have revolutionised TV and the way we consume content. As TV becomes more interactive, the challenge is now to ensure that what is great about TV is not lost.

      Tags: Media

      How charitable organisations can leverage technology to reconnect with digitally-savvy charity givers

      By Peter Ballard 02 Aug 2017

      Charities have been slow to evolve their methods for giving and receiving, which has left many fighting for a smaller share of what little change people still carry in their pockets.

      Tags: Technology, Media, Creative technology

      BBC features world’s first contactless car

      By Foolproof 18 Aug 2017

      Blog overviewing the key takeaways from our recent publication in a BBC article on the future of cashless donations to charities.

      Tags: Mobile & smart devices, Technology, Media, Creative technology

      WeChat: Inside a Super App

      By Foolproof 07 Nov 2017

      We sent a team to Shanghai to run a rapid ethnography with both consumer and business-owning WeChat users. We conducted both guerrilla research and in-depth interviews with a range of people from baby boomers to millennials to get a clear picture of WeChat ecommerce from all sides.