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      Social business from discovery to wisdom

      By Foolproof 25 Sep 2012

      There are a number of recurring misconceptions around how social can and should be applied in business. This post explores the idea that insightful parallels can be drawn between human development and the development of effective users of social media in a business context.

      Tags: Social media, Consumer behaviour

      My other job is an advertising manager

      By Peter Ballard 07 Feb 2011

      The introduction of Facebook Deals challenges the thinking and approach of traditional advertising and could transform location-based marketing forever.

      Tags: Brand & marketing, Social media

      Do you have robots for friends?

      By Foolproof 24 Jan 2011

      Given the desire of companies to promote to social communities, it isn’t very surprising that Gartner has predicted that by 2015, 10% of our online friends will be robots. As companies seek to boost followers there is a huge incentive to automate and systematise this process.

      Tags: Social media

      It's all good!

      By Peter Ballard 22 Mar 2011

      Allowing people to choose to post their genuinely positive experiences on Facebook and Twitter, is a great way to turn satisfied customers into powerful brand advocates. But be careful of linking promotional offers to those postings.

      Tags: Financial services, Social media

      Is social research part of your UX toolkit?

      By Elsa Plumley 05 Jul 2011

      We asked 110 UX professionals worldwide how they are using social networks as part of their UX toolkit. The results gave us insight into some of the common uses.

      Tags: Social media, UX design & practice

      What should FMCG brands do with their websites?

      By Tom Wood 09 Dec 2011

      Although Facebook offers opportunities for richer forms of interaction than either digital advertising or a brand’s own website have historically delivered, FMCG brands need to consider the risks of making Facebook where they ‘live’ online and consider a new future for brand websites in the marketing mix.

      Tags: Brand & marketing, Social media

      Facebook - future of digital advertising

      By Tom Wood 29 Jan 2010

      Facebook is creating new opportunities in terms of brand advertising and market research which might seriously upset traditional business models.

      Tags: Social media

      Facebook - future of brand advertising

      By Tom Wood 05 Feb 2010

      With it's huge global reach Facebook offers advertisers a targeted, intimate and data rich environment in which to talk to consumers. It may very soon usurp traditional methods of using focus groups and market research surveys to develop campaigns pre-launch.

      Tags: Brand & marketing, Social media

      Facebook - future of consumer research

      By Tom Wood 17 Feb 2010

      Facebook has a number of attributes which could be extremely valuable if you want to gather insights as part of a user-centred design project. This post considers both the positives and the potential problems or objections to using Facebook in this way.

      Tags: Social media

      Direct Line uses Facebook for co-creation

      By Tom Wood 29 Oct 2010

      This case study with Direct Line points to new ways of using social media beyond either PR or broadcast marketing communication. Interesting to anyone working in user experience or market research, or looking for meaningful interactions with customers on Facebook.

      Tags: Financial services, Social media

      What's happening with WhatsApp in India?

      By Rob Hall 12 Apr 2018

      WhatsApp has launched in India and looks set to become its leading digital payments vehicle.

      Tags: Social media, UX design & practice

      WeChat: Inside a Super App

      By Foolproof 07 Nov 2017

      We sent a team to Shanghai to run a rapid ethnography with both consumer and business-owning WeChat users. We conducted both guerrilla research and in-depth interviews with a range of people from baby boomers to millennials to get a clear picture of WeChat ecommerce from all sides.