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      Obituary for Smartphones – Premature, yet inevitable?

      By Foolproof 18 Feb 2014

      Why wearable technology, and Google Glass, in particular could supplant the universe of smartphones, becoming an ecosystem in their own right.

      Tags: Mobile & smart devices, Technology

      Create an improved user experience with off-the-shelf tech

      By Rob Gillham 16 Jul 2014

      With budgets increasingly squeezed, many businesses are looking to gain maximum value from reduced IT expenditure. This has led to increasingly price-driven procurement of software platforms. It is often assumed – wrongly - that this fiscal pragmatism must also come at a cost to user experience.

      Tags: Technology, Business to business

      Why Quantified Self falls short for health tracking

      By Foolproof 28 Aug 2014

      Technology is fueling an obsession with collecting personal data. But without insight and interpretation what does this data actually tell us beyond the basic facts such as distance or number of steps?

      Tags: Technology, Data & analytics

      Beacons: a disappointing start for an emerging technology

      By Irene Infante 31 Oct 2014

      Beacons look like a useful new technology but (as with so many new technologies) early implementations have so far failed to create value for customers – focusing instead on commercial novelty.

      Tags: Mobile & smart devices, Technology

      10 reasons your Grandad is cooler than you

      By Foolproof 15 Aug 2013

      We often link ageing with disability and the ‘pre-digital’ generation. This infographic from Plusnet may convince you to reconsider older people as part of your target audience.

      Tags: Technology

      A handy way of staying in touch abroad

      By Elsa Plumley 25 Jul 2013

      We put 'Handy' to the test. Does this service, which rents smartphone handsets to travellers with unlimited data and calls included, enhance the holiday makers’ experience.

      Tags: Technology, Travel & leisure, International

      Emerging technologies meets luxury brands

      By Lauren Coleman 31 Jul 2013

      Many luxury brands have successfully implemented new technologies and as a result enhanced their brand presence and reached out to new customers. This post looks at how these brands have used these technologies to create richer experiences.

      Tags: Technology, Consumer & retail

      UX Camp Europe 2013

      By Jan Srutek 24 Jun 2013

      UX Camp London 2013 was two days filled with talks, workshops, and discussions. This post focuses on two of the talks around wearable sensors and the next generation of user interfaces.

      Tags: Technology

      Windows 8 update to address customer feedback

      By Foolproof 08 May 2013

      In 2012 we predicted that Windows 7 was a bold move for Microsoft and came with a steep learning curve for users. In their 8.1 update Microsoft is attempting to address “customer feedback”, a timely lesson to brands about good user experience design.

      Tags: Technology

      Future Human & wearable tech

      By Lauren Coleman 03 Apr 2013

      Sketchnotes from 'Future Human' exploringtThe ‘Smart Self’ movement - a growing industry in personal health and fitness technologies and digitally customisable clothing.

      Tags: Technology

      Is Planet Earth ready for Windows 8?

      By Foolproof 24 Oct 2012

      Following the launch of Windows 8 we observed 14 typical users as they interacted with Windows 8 for the first time. We asked them to perform basic tasks such as browsing websites, using social media, sending emails and viewing photos.

      Tags: Technology

      2022, future scenarios

      By Foolproof 16 Oct 2012

      During our 10th birthday party we ran an exercise where we shared and discussed a number of future scenarios for 2022 and considered what the trends in technology, business and society would produce the most dramatic changes.

      Tags: Technology

      London 2012 and the digital legacy

      By Peter Ballard 09 Sep 2012

      London 2012 provided a range of mobile and tablet apps to support our desire to keep up to date with the sporting action on the move and ‘never miss a moment’. Videos could be viewed on PC, tablet and mobile devices setting new standards for the live streaming of sporting events, proving that a UX vision can inspire a team to do great things.

      Tags: Technology, UX design & practice

      The brave new world of Windows 8

      By Elaine McVicar 06 Sep 2012

      Microsoft have completely rethought the windows 8 operating system, creating new design principles to help designers create apps with consistent style and functionality. A Creative Technologist at Microsoft ran through design principles and allowed designers to try them out first-hand.

      Tags: Mobile & smart devices, Technology

      NFC in the user experience - Foolproof home movies

      By Tom Wood 05 Jul 2012

      NFC is a technology that allows information to pass between a phone and a physical object by the motion of tapping. This post contains two short videos which focus on NFC and two possible uses for this emerging technology.

      Tags: Mobile & smart devices, Technology

      Contactless payment wristbands a festival hit

      By Foolproof 29 Jun 2012

      Since we first tested MasterCard® PayPass™ prepaid contactless wristbands at the Isle of Wight Festival, nearly a fifth of visitors to the 2012 event are reported to have used the technology.

      Tags: Financial services, Technology

      The challenges of cloud gaming

      By Philip Morton 14 Jun 2012

      Cloud gaming was a hot topic at the E3 conference and has a number of advantages for consumers, such as a lower cost and instant access to games. However, there are also a number of user experience challenges to overcome in order for it to truly revolutionise the games industry.

      Tags: Technology, Games & gaming

      Connected TV: The Future of Content Discovery

      By Foolproof 12 Jun 2012

      Connected TV brings some marvellous opportunities for innovative new viewing experiences. Enhancing content discovery will be a key consideration when designing new viewing experiences in order for viewers to find relevant content without feeling overwhelmed.

      Tags: Technology, Media

      The connected audience: TV's Kodak Moment

      By Foolproof 07 Jun 2012

      With the introduction of ‘second screens’ there is no longer a clearly dominant mode of TV consumption. With limited free time and virtually unlimited choice, creating a differentiated user experience is becoming the strategic imperative for broadcasters.

      Tags: Technology, Media

      Foolproof acquires creative technology agency Knit

      By Peter Ballard 14 Jan 2015

      This week we announced our acquisition of Knit, an award-winning creative technology company.

      Tags: Technology, Foolproof news, Knit