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      Mikhail Kalashnikov, design thinker

      By Rob Gillham 03 Jan 2014

      Mikhail Kalashnikov, the man who invented the ubiquitous AK47 rifle was an innovator in his field whose achievements offer lessons for design thinkers from all walks of life.

      Tags: UX design thinking

      An Event Apart: understanding and shaping the future of digital

      By Foolproof 13 Jan 2014

      Key themes and principles discussed during the 'An Event Apart: understanding and shaping the future of digital' 2013 conference.

      Tags: UX design thinking

      Emotion in experience design

      By Meriel Lenfestey 28 Jan 2014

      As experience designers are we designing the mechanism to achieve specific goals? Or the functional relationships between brand touch-points over time? Or the emotional journey as we use products & services?

      Tags: Experience design, UX design thinking

      Don’t strive for innovation, strive for solutions

      By Rob Sterry 06 Jun 2014

      As a UX designer I constantly feel the pressure to innovate but Dan Rubin's recent talk at UX Lisbon taught me not to strive for innovation. Strive for solutions and innovation will happen.

      Tags: UX design thinking

      In praise of improvement

      By Tom Wood 26 Jun 2014

      ‘Innovation’ as a buzzword is back filling up column inches, blogs and tweets. But whilst many businesses are obsessing over whether they’re being innovative enough, the true innovators are those who are simply doing a good job at making improvements.

      Tags: Brand & marketing, UX design thinking

      Which came first, creativity or insight?

      By James Reeve 07 Aug 2014

      Creativity is not a box ticking exercise. But to arrive at the optimum solution there are some underlying principles that need to be addressed.

      Tags: Experience design, UX design thinking

      Why experience design is a team sport

      By Leslie Fountain 19 Dec 2014

      Leslie Fountain's presentation from NUX3 in Manchester talking about why experience design is a team sport.

      Tags: UX jobs & skills, UX design thinking

      iOS 7 and the UX of updates

      By Rob Sterry 02 Oct 2013

      The launch of iOS 7 highlights some of the user experience problems created by introducing an update.

      Tags: Mobile & smart devices, UX design thinking

      Impact of Consumer Rights bill on Customer Experience

      By Meriel Lenfestey 11 Jul 2013

      The Consumer Rights Bill has been described as “the most radical overhaul of consumer law for more than three decades”. This post looks at the impact of the Bill and whether it will enable companies to take a longer term view.

      Tags: Brand & marketing, UX design thinking

      Form has a function

      By Foolproof 07 Jun 2013

      Visual aesthetics are not always embraced by UX designers. However, the form of your product is an important aspect in defining how your product feels to your customers and should be treated as such. This post argues the case for form and why products with a beautiful form work better.

      Tags: UX design thinking

      Digital Experience design: risk, satisficing & opportunity

      By Foolproof 08 May 2013

      Two key trends with practical implications for experience design and digital product development have emerged. This post examines these two trends and assesses the practical implications they will have for the optimisation of digital experiences and new digital products.

      Tags: UX design thinking

      Jobs-to-be-done theory and experience design

      By Philip Morton 10 Apr 2013

      Too often, organisations create products without understanding their customers’ underlying motivations or goals. This post explores how ‘jobs-to-be-done’ theory and experience design can work together.

      Tags: UX design thinking

      Design research and the new creativity

      By Tom Wood 16 Jan 2013

      Instead of hindering creativity, user research is enhancing the design process at some of the world’s biggest companies. If research is used in the right way it can reduce risk, allow you to get it right first time and create a safe environment that encourages creativity.

      Tags: Experience design, UX design thinking

      Can design be both intuitive and innovative?

      By Jan Srutek 04 Nov 2013

      This post explores the role of the ‘familiar’ in helping users embrace innovative new products and services.

      Tags: UX design thinking

      Stories of the Future

      By Meriel Lenfestey 28 Sep 2012

      The publishing industry has been in the doldrums for some time. Things are looking brighter, but the industry needs to do some radical rethinking. There’s scope for new business models in publishing based around the way people discover and share

      Tags: UX design thinking

      Design for Collaborative Consumption

      By Meriel Lenfestey 03 Sep 2012

      Collaborative consumption as a business model, which stems from traditional lending, borrowing and sharing practises, is disrupting and reinventing how we consume. Customer experience is particularly important in this sector as it must improve upon existing services in order to change consumer behaviour.

      Tags: Brand & marketing, UX design thinking

      In UX, there isn’t an everything

      By Tim Caynes 28 Sep 2012

      In UX there can sometimes seem like too many methods and too little time to keep up with them all. In a presentation for Lightening UX, Tim Caynes talks about the hopelessness of trying to keep up with new and re-invented user experience methods and practices.

      Tags: UX design thinking

      Webexpo Prague 2012

      By Jan Srutek 25 Sep 2012

      More than 1100 knowledgeable and passionate participants attended Web Expo Prague 2012. Topics discussed included interaction design, content strategy and the power of product personality.

      Tags: UX design thinking

      User control and responsive design

      By Foolproof 01 Jun 2012

      When implementing effective responsive designs there are a number of points to consider. With people using their mobile devices for an increasing number of tasks you can no longer distinguish between mobile and desktop content making responding to the user’s real world context a complex task.

      Tags: UX design thinking, Media

      The challenges of B2B User Experience

      By Rob Gillham 19 Jun 2012

      User experience design in the B2B domain is falling behind that of B2C, with internal systems that are time consuming to use and provide a poor user experience. This post addresses the challenges facing B2B organisations and UX consultants when tackling these systems.

      Tags: UX design thinking, Business to business