A UX Review of 100 global services company websites

By Philip Morton

After performing a UX review of 100 global services company websites we found that many sites perform poorly because they fail to meet difficult design challenges.

Websites of this kind have a wide range of products and services, accumulate content rapidly because of their size and have inconsistent terminology.

Creating and maintaining an effective website for a company with a diverse and rapidly changing set of services is a difficult challenge, but by addressing some of these changes global services companies could see an increase in traffic and engagement from visitors.

In this downloadable UX review of 100 global services company websites guide I outline the four challenges facing companies and provide seven solutions, with best practice examples, to help marketers address these common problems to help maximise the impact of their website.

Our presentation is also available on slideshare.

Philip Morton

I help businesses create better products and services by putting customer insight at the heart of the design process. In the last six years, I've worked with the likes of Sony PlayStation, HSBC, Sega, Tesco and TSB. In that time, I've seen our research, design and strategy work improve both the experience for customers and commercial outcomes for clients.

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