E-Mobility Concept Design Competition

by Foolproof

Congratulations to the team for winning Hethel Innovation’s ‘innovation in e-mobility’ competition, created through the European PROSESC project involving eight European regional partners.

With EU targets for reducing carbon emissions high on the agenda, e-mobility has now become a key theme and is dominating the debate on the future of transport for policy makers, research institutions and industry. Many major manufacturers are due to release new products into the market covering a wide range of possibilities from micro-hybrid to full electric vehicles.

The aim of the competition was to develop solutions that would increase consumer perceptions of the electric vehicle and link the worlds of automotive engineering and creative design together.
Applicants were challenged to remove the barriers to embracing e-vehicles and associated technologies, by using their creative talents. Submissions had to show an understanding and appreciation of the issues and benefits of e-mobility, a creative and innovation solution that was feasible, wide-reaching and showed collaboration.

A diverse range of applications was received, including a television advertisement story board, an electric vehicle loan programme for commuters and a strategic marketing campaign. The competition was fierce, with each entrant focussing on a different problem area to address and providing a range of solutions.

The multi-staged concept approach addressed consumer-buyer behaviour through development of a ‘cost saving’ mobile app (to model fuel consumption scenarios) and interactive charging stations using Near Field Communication technology (NFC).

“The panel were impressed with the approach that they took, their extensive research of the problem and the innovative nature of the solution. They thought that the app would be highly appealing, easily accessible and be a wide-reaching solution. The use of NFC on ‘juice points’ to provide information was a particularly innovative, yet entirely feasible, element of the entry, and greatly impressed the judges.” Stuart Catchpole, Innovation Manager at Hethel Innovation and competition lead.

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