Educating users on IB features

by Foolproof

Another finding from the large internet banking study we conducted recently was that many users are unfamiliar with the complete feature set available in IB and regularly visited branches to perform functions they did not know existed online. Users are very task focused when banking online and are unlikely to browse out of curiosity.

One of our recommendations was to create a hints and tips banner on the IB landing page, that could be updated on a regular basis.

Facebook, recently scorned for its redesign which was pushed out to users with no warning, appear to have learnt their lesson. On a recent visit to the site I encountered a very elegant approach to help users re-orientate to another design change. This approach is exactly what any site should do to help users following a redesign and is equally useful as a regularly used feature to educate visitors on underused features of IB.

Banks take note. If you wonder why IB registered users come into a branch to make, for example international payments, it’s not because they like leaving work early to come and queue at a branch for an hour before it closes, it’s because they don’t know they can do it online.

Ironically there are people on standby in branches to do just that and assist with the array of self-service machines. Yet online there’s typically no readily available guidance, and no one likes clicking on “help”.

Take a leaf out of Facebook’s, erm book and show your users what’s available and what’s new upfront.

Author: Roger Smithers.

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