EU Cookie Directive and what it means to you

by Foolproof

Mention of Cookies at #cometojump, everyone on panel is rendered speechless. All aware of issues, nobody has clear site of solutions. Tweet from Econsultancy’s JUMP conference.

Judging by the length of the queue to get into Conrad Bennett’s presentation on Cookies, it’s evident from this year’s JUMP conference that the EU Cookie Directive has left people confused and unsure of what measures they need to put in place to make sure they comply with the law.

Conrad’s overriding point is that there’s no quick fix. This is happening now and isn’t going to go away so you need to invest time and effort in fixing this and, above all, getting the ‘right’ fix in place that integrates smoothly into the web experience.

His tips for listeners echoed those our own Meriel suggested in her blog ‘EU cookie directive and your users’.

1. Check your privacy policy is it up to date, clear, easy to read, and understand

2. Make sure you link to the privacy policies of any third parties using cookies on your website

3. Also think about what you will do with existing cookies from your website i.e. those people who have already visited your site. Are you going to wipe the slate clean and start again, or retrospectively ask for their consent?

4. Seriously consider obtaining global consent for all the cookies on your website, including those from third parties, rather than gaining consent for these individually

He also urged delegates not to wait for a solution to fall into their laps. The browser manufacturers may fix this for us but you will never be able to guarantee that every visitor to your site is using the correct browser. You also can’t rely on your suppliers to fix this because, as the site owner, this is your responsibility. Plus, you don’t want every supplier asking for consent on your website – just imagine the user experience. He also warned against using the loopholes. If these do exist you can’t guarantee they will remain open forever so you could find yourself getting caught out.

His conclusion? Get your house in order now. The directive came into being in May and gave a year’s grace for companies to put solutions in place but that time is quickly running out.

Useful resources

An easy to understand introduction to the Cookie Directive from Silktide

Visit the Information Commissioners Office
Interactive guide to Cookie directive… This is just fun, but does highlight the necessity to get a good solution in place – multiple pop-ups does not lead to a great user experience

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