Festive student visit

by Foolproof

Mulled wine and mince pies at the ready we opened our doors to around 20 students to give them a taster of life at Foolproof.

We began by giving them a guided tour of our London office including our research labs and project rooms.  The students had the opportunity to see the tools and methodologies we employ in our work and how their university studies relate to what we do for our clients.

Next, Jonathan Culling, our Director of UX, presented the students with a fieldwork task: “Many traditional retailers are suffering from ‘showrooming’. We know that shoppers showroom but we wanted to find when, why and how.”

So we sent our students down to One New Change to do some guerrilla research. After an hour or so interviewing shoppers and staff we headed to the nearest pub to celebrate, and chat about what the students had found.

The students identified five key showrooming trends, which we have illustrated.

Showrooming 1Sm If I see something I like in the shop, I take a picture of it

It's important to go in stores. But I will buy online because it's delivered to my door I only go online when an item is sold out in stores When I buy electrical goods, like a T.V... I check online
The winning team interviewed six people gathering interesting insight about showrooming behaviour. These students went above and beyond by interviewing London’s mayor, Boris Johnson, who was buying presents for his family in the shopping centre.


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