Flow and Foolproof - a shared vision

By Meriel Lenfestey

2011 is an exciting year for Flow. Last week we announced our merger with Foolproof to create Europe’s largest specialist UX agency.

I wanted to explain a little more behind our thinking, and Tom Wood from Foolproof shares his own thoughts in his blog.

Fundamentally, a User Experience consultant wants to make things better. We have idealistic goals but we’re proficient at finding realistic routes towards a better future. We find the common ground between the desires, expectations and abilities of our clients and their customers.

Our own history at Flow is no exception. We have always believed that delivering the right user experience was key to our clients’ success, and that the best way to do this was by uncovering insight and applying design principles.

Back in 1998 though, we had to start by creating a market through evangelising “usability solutions”.  This involved simple usability testing and tactical recommendations because the clients didn’t expect, or know what to do with, anything more. In the last 8 years we have concentrated on enabling and inspiring our clients through providing a wider range of user centred design methodologies and training.  Several recent projects have become far more strategic as we are asked to weave customer-centricity throughout our client’s organisation in order to drive a great user experience across all touch-points. We have started to think that our idealism could come of age.

The merger with Foolproof makes this final step towards our goal a reality and creates a real force in the user experience world. We’ve been friends with Foolproof for a while, but we were amazed to find that our client list, sector knowledge and range of skills were largely complementary rather than directly in competition; and that we shared the same vision for the future. Combining forces gives us the capacity and range of skills to deliver a full spectrum of user experience consultancy across multiple sectors and platforms. Both sets of staff are looking forward to learning from each other over the coming months.

We remain true to the following guiding principles:

  1. The right user experience is created by uncovering insight and applying design principles.
  2. Tactical improvements and full scale innovation are valued equally and applied appropriately.
  3. We invite a wide mix of passionate, highly talented people to join a team which becomes far greater than the sum of its parts.
  4. Collaboration is key.

And yes – we will still have cake on Fridays which we’re looking forward to sharing with our new colleagues.

What do you think?