Foolproof and Flow in top 20 agencies

By Peter Ballard @Ballyfool

We’re delighted to be in the top 20 in Design Week’s top 100 agency list for 2011.

The report places the combined business at number 19, up from 51 in 2010. We also topped the ‘Growth in fee-income on percentage change’ and ranked number 4 in the ‘Market Share, Digital Design’ list.

The Design Week survey is based on audited fee-income and is verified by an independent auditor’s statement.

The company has been growing rapidly since joining forces with Flow Interactive in January and we anticipate further growth in the remainder of the year. This clearly shows that experience design is a fast developing industry and Foolproof and Flow are at the forefront helping businesses effect business change by leveraging customer insight.

Peter Ballard

I co-founded Foolproof with Tom Wood back in 2002. Today I work across a range of clients, particularly in the roles of Experience Planner and Client Partner. In my role as Experience Planner, I ensure that our design teams have access to the right insight to respond appropriately to the business and creative challenges faced by our clients.

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