Foolproof events 2018

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We’re always looking to grow our presence in the user experience design community. Whether that’s by hosting, speaking at, or attending events.

Here’s what we’ve got on the horizon for 2018 – be sure to connect with us if you attend one of our events or spot us out on the circuit. 

Events list

We’ll be updating these lists regularly so be sure to check back soon!





  • April 19-20 - Speaking - UXD Healthcare, Tim Caynes will be delivering a talk entilted 'Surgical UX: designing for visualisation systems in surgery, tickets can be purchased here.
  • April 19 - Hosting - UXPA, Dark UX and Ethics. 
  • April 20 - Speaking - Fintech Design SummitPhil Morton will be delivering a talk entitled 'Bridging the brand experience gap', tickets can be purchased here. Foolproof will also be hosting a rolling panel discussion with all of the speakers from the event - be sure to swing by. 


  • Date TBC - Hosting - Foolproof hosted UX Strategy Workshop with Paul Bryan.
  • June 13 - 15 - Speaking - UX ScotlandTim Caynes and Chris Spalton will be delivering individual talks, tickets can be purchased here.
  • June 10 and 12 - Speaking - UX Strat Europe, Phil Morton and Tim Loo will be delivering a workshop on experience strategy, tickets can be purchased here. We’ll also be sending along six Foolproofers to represent our experience design practice at the event. 
    • If you want to find out more about Experience Strategy in advance you can read Tim’s blog.
UX Strat conference 2017


  • TBCReasons to - Speaking - after Chris Spalton’s success in his Reasons to elevator pitch last year he’ll be back presenting a full hour-long talk in Brighton – check out their Twitter for further details.
  • TBCUX Strat USA - Speaking - we delivered a workshop last year and the event is currently being organised so take a look if you want to be a part of this user experience strategy hotspot.  


  • Oct 10 - 11 - Speaking - Festival of Marketing, presenter and talk topic TBC, tickets available here
  • Oct 25 - 26 - Attending - UX Live, after the success of the first UX Live event we’ll be sure not to miss the chance to fly the Foolproof flag at the next one, tickets available here.


  • Date TBC - Hosting - LTUX annual Foolproof hosted leadership event – here’s a recap from last year’s event!

  • Nov 28 - 30 - Attending - GIANT Health, In November 2017 Jane Vance and Tim Caynes took to the stage and the success of their talks and the knowledge that was being shared we’ll be heading along again in 2018, tickets available here.

Contact or if you have any questions about our upcoming events or speaking appearances.


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