Foolproof supports UPA Middle East

by Foolproof

Introducing the Middle East to the benefits of user experience topped the agenda for the UPA at its first meeting towards setting up a UPA chapter for the region.

Arranged by Camille Matter from Consort World, the session was an opportunity for Dubai’s local practitioners to meet and share their experiences of working in, what I discovered, is a fairly challenging user experience market.

Following general introductions, talk turned to what a UPA chapter might mean for all concerned, as individuals and as a group. Discussions covered:

  • Personal experience and company profiles
  • Support for each other in terms of sales and methods
  • Leveraging the heightened authority a UPA chapter would have in effecting change
  • How to move forward effectively as a group and spread the word in industry and education

This was a positive evening with enthusiastic contributions from all. I concluded that the Middle East is yet to wake up to the benefits of user experience, despite evidence showing big returns for small projects.

Having carried out research in Dubai recently there’s certainly consumer appetite for the digital channel, but resistance to full UCD programmes, poor online usability, and sites that do not facilitate end-to-end processes are all barriers that need to be hurdled.

Author: Roger Smithers.

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