How to develop a user experience strategy

by Foolproof

User experience strategy – with its outside-in philosophy and toolkit – has emerged as a strategy planning process for reconnecting a business and its brand values with real customer wants and needs; and then driving alignment through a team and across the siloes of an organisation. Here you’ll find links to useful resources on user experience strategy.

User experience strategy definition

There is a lot of confusion around the word strategy in relation to user experience. Here at Foolproof we define user experience strategy as: “A long-term plan to align every customer touchpoint with your vision for user experience.”

What is user experience strategy? (Article)

The four pillars of user experience strategy

Not all big businesses are terrible at providing connected, coherent, and differentiated customer experiences. But, for every company that delivers good customer experience, there are a hundred lemons. In this article from UX Matters Tim Loo explores the four pillars of user experience strategy that together are crucial in facilitating alignment and a common sense of purpose.

UX strategy and the age of alignment (an article by Tim Loo for UX Matters)

UX Strat Europe 2017

UX Strat 2016 event image and sketchnotes

UX Strat 2017 was another great display of thought leadership regarding UX, CX and product service design strategy. The 2017 theme was ‘transformation inwards and outwards’. It was enriching to listen to so many informative talks with regards to the challenges of co-opting internal changes to culture and structure, with people-first design approaches. 

Collected presentations from UX Strat Europe 2017 (Slideshare)

UX Strat Europe: Transformation inwards and outwards (Article)

Complete set of Sketchnotes from UX Strat Europe 2017 (Slideshare) 

UX Strat Europe 2016

UX Strat continues to attract leading experts from around the world in UX, CX and product and service design strategy. As always it was a pleasure to take to the stage alongside esteemed speakers from UX practice, but to also present alongside Sarah Oey, Head of Commercial Fleet Marketing at Shell, to share how they turned CX strategy into reality.

Turning CX strategy into CX reality at Shell (Slideshare)

5 takeaways from UX Strat Europe 2016 (Article)

Complete set of Sketchnotes from UX Strat Europe 2016 (Drop Box)

UX Strategy video series

In our interview series on experience design strategy Tim Loo talks with global leaders and experts in user experience strategy. The series is available as a downloadable podcast on iTunes, or can be viewed on our Youtube channel.

Part 1: Paul Bryan – UX Strategy thought-leader video series (Article)

Part 2: Ronnie Battista – UX Strategy thought-leader video series (Article)

Part 3: Jaime Levy – UX Strategy thought-leader video series (Article)

Part 4: Pam Pavliscak - UX Strategy thought-leader video series (Article)

Part 5: Jim Kalbach - UX Strategy thought-leader video series (Article)

Strategy and planning

Major brands now look at experience design as a source of competitive advantage. But to realise this goal thinking needs to be joined up right across a business.

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List of strategy and planning skills and methods

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