How to write and sell online

by Foolproof

My job is about helping clients engage visitors in their site. User dwell-time and their lasting impressions are affected largely by how compelling the information is they’re reading, or how engaged they are made to feel about the brand or product they’re researching.

I’m often asked to feed into helping clients create content that is engaging and clearly communicates the benefits of the product/service and brand.

Here’s my top 5 things to consider when writing web copy:

1. Orientate users

Provide a descriptive page title that succinctly and specifically orientates users to the focus of the page. On your homepage this should be a welcome message that orientates visitors to the nature of your business and products/services.

2. Be personal

People use the internet to explore in a relaxed way, not to feel like they are reading from a manual. Imagine you’re having a conversation with your best prospect and write as you’d talk to them.

3. Use language your mother would understand

As copy writer in a specific field, your knowledge, and therefore the language you use, is far more developed to the everyday visitor of your site. Be mindful of your expertise in the field and avoid jargon, acronyms and industry language.

4. Make it scan able

Your web copy should be scan able so that if a reader is in a rush, they can scan your information easily. You can do this by providing clear and emboldened headings, short bursts of text, bold and italicised text and descriptive subheadings.

  • And everyone loves a bulleted list
  • They draw the eye
  • And break things up

5. Offer a cascading flow of information

Your site should therefore cater for both first time visitors to your site, and returning visitors who are ready to purchase from you. Develop your content in layers or tiers, this allows users to explore the information to the level necessary to meet their needs, without overwhelming your first time visitors.

Author: Jemma Green.

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