IBM on multichannel

By Tom Wood @Foolproofer

This new paper from IBM explores how to build a successful multi-channel programme. It draws on some insights and data from our OSS Mortgages research and is admirable for two reasons:

1. The level of focus on customer needs:

The paper makes it really clear that organisations can’t wander into a multi-channel programme without a crystal clear understanding of the goals and preferences of customers. Multi-channel isn’t just an organisational or technological activity: it’s about aligning the way the company works with what customers want.

2. The call for focus and restraint in programme scope:

The paper essentially argues that multi-channel should start with getting one important customer journey absolutely right. This can then become the platform for extending multi-channel capabilities and building out the wider business case. When IBM tell you that most multi-channel programmes are too broad and ambitious it’s worth sitting up and taking notice.

2011 looks like it will be a year when many organisations start to get serious about multi-channel. IBM’s paper is certainly one to put on the reading list.

Tom Wood

I’m one of the two founders of Foolproof. Within projects I usually take a role both in planning our approach and in the generative phases of design. I’m also active in gathering client and customer needs into the design space. My particular talent is helping senior stakeholders see and understand the customer’s world in richer detail, and helping them work out how to respond.

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