Improving UX- creativity, innovation & quality of life

By Lauren Coleman

Last week I attended Patrick Jordon’s lecture at City University on ‘Improving the user experience – creativity, innovation and quality of life’.

In this presentation he looked at what quality of life is and the role that user experience can play in improving it; the role that online and mobile services and media can play in enhancing quality of life and how creativity and innovation can be used to optimise the design of these.

Here are my sketch notes summing up the lecture (opens as PDF)

My reflection on Patrick’s presentation is that when we understand people thoroughly we can make the correct judgments about what they want from a product, service or brand, both in practical terms and in terms of the emotional qualities that are required.

The lecture reiterated to me the importance of applying a user-centred design approach to all phases of a project. This highlighted the fact that the impact is not only immediate for users and businesses but proves vital for the longevity of ideas and their success in the market place.

What do you think?