iOS7: Being enterprising

by Foolproof

‘We need to think about iOS7….’ Heard that phrase recently?

As an experience design company, our discussions around mobile increasingly involve mentions of the latest attempt by Apple to cement / reclaim (delete depending on your opinion) its market-leading smartphone position.

If you only have one product, focusing on iOS7 app re-design may well be commercially viable, but within a larger Enterprise business which has embraced mobile as a key channel, what is the appropriate strategy in approaching an OS update across a suite of mobile apps?

Based on your understanding of the user the features of iOS7 may provide opportunities to unlock additional value for your users. Or they may not. The question is, depending on your suite of apps, does the potential value justify the investment of time? It’s vital to understand your audience and their aspirations to confidently make these decisions and prioritise the integration of iOS7 features / design structures into your app.

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