London 2012 ticketing: The Good the Bad and the Ugly

The moment we’ve all been waiting for has arrived; applications for tickets to the London 2012 Olympics is now open and we’ve spent the day reviewing the application process.

Our verdict? 75% good for 75% of users. It withstood the initial barrage of applications with only minor availability issues but fell short of creating a real ‘Olympic’ experience.

The ballot system for application is a really good idea. It creates a six week window for thinking, planning and applying. But what the site doesn’t provide is rich information resources to allow you to make the most of this. Also, the messages on the site don’t draw attention to the fact that you’ve got the ability to chop and change your application right up until the 26th April.

Download 'London 2012 ticketing whitepaper' (pdf)

Authors: Tom Wood, Meriel Lenfestey, John Waterworth


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