Online Shopping Survey: Credit Cards

The online market for credit cards seems strangely becalmed. Other product marketplaces in the OSS series (like insurance and mortgages) seem to be in motion: new products and promotions are being developed for the web; shifts in advertising spend and consumer behaviour is creating opportunity.

But consumers are starting to find it hard to distinguish between the brands and products on offer. And this makes it difficult to summon up the conviction to select and apply for a new card.

There is healthy latent demand in the marketplace but we also observed that this interest is not converting to action. Few cards are creating enough rational or emotional impact to snap consumers out of their indecision.

This report examines the issues impacting on the online market and credit card sales and gives card marketers and product managers important ideas about how to achieve competitive advantage and success online.

Download OSS Credit Cards (pdf)

Authors: Tom Wood, Jemma Green and Annemarie Van Egmond

Published: 2007


OSS Credit Cards Report

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