Online Shopping Survey: General Insurance

There has been a great deal of progress in the online insurance market since we began looking at the sector in 2004.

Search now delivers improved results, rich in recognised brands and therefore better matched to consumer expectations; aggregators have taken a leap forward in awareness and visits, giving shoppers more quotes while allowing them to fill out fewer forms; insurers and brokers have continued to improve usability and user experience on their sites, making shopping for insurance more productive and less time-consuming.

But these improvements in the early stages of the shopping process are often lost later on as consumers approach the point of sale. Shoppers are being pushed out of the channel to verify prices and product details and sales are still routinely lost as a result of simple problems with site content and processes.

In this third report in online insurance we provide marketers with qualitative insights across the purchase process and identify the steps they can take to win increased online sales.

Key questions:

OSS General Insurance examines the way UK consumers use the web to find, evaluate and buy home and motor insurance. In particular, we wanted to understand:

  • What are consumers’ expectations and pre-conceptions about how and where they will shop for insurance?
  • What sites and tools do they use to acquaint themselves with the market?
  • What makes the experience of gathering a quote successful and compelling?
  • How do consumers formulate a shortlist of candidate insurers?
  • What steps are there between the initial online shopping session and purchase?
  • What dissuades shoppers from buying online?
  • What influences the purchase of additional/optional covers along with the main policy?
  • What differences in behaviour can we observe between our 2008 fieldwork and the findings from our previous studies? 

Download OSS General Insurance (pdf)

Author: Annemarie Van Egmond with Natalie Machon, Julia Williams and Tom Wood

Published: 2008


OSS General Insurance Report

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