Online Shopping Survey: Utilities

This report shows how energy suppliers and comparison sites are missing opportunities, not only to convince consumers to use the internet to change their supplier, but also to persuade consumers to switch at all.

Many shoppers who start their shopping online are driven offline because the information and resources they need are not available.

Comparison sites are often the first port of call for online energy shoppers. But they offer a poor experience: complex consumption calculators, confusing price information and pressure to make a purchase straightaway all cause shoppers to question the validity of the information they are given.

Energy suppliers are also failing to convert online visits into sales. Content and tools for potential new customers have clearly been developed without a close understanding of consumer needs and preferences, or an understanding of the shopping journey which brings them to a supplier’s website.

Our report records and explains the behaviour and frustrations of online shoppers and gives energy suppliers and comparison sites ideas about how to meet consumer needs more effectively to achieve competitive advantage.

Download 'OSS Utilities' (pdf)

Authors: Graham Uff with Tim Loo and Tom Wood

Published: 2009


OSS utilities front cover

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