Profiling the perfect practitioner

By Lauren Coleman

The evening began with each speaker sharing their views on what makes a perfect UX practitioner and ended with a Q&A session that sparked further discussion about portfolios, mentorship and the importance of a design education.

I recently attended the UK UPA event ‘Profiling the Perfect UX Practitioner’. The panel consisted of Aline Baeck, Andy Budd, Stavros Garzonis and Jason Mesut.

The general consensus towards the end of the evening was that there is no such thing as the perfect consultant. UX practitioners come in all shapes and sizes and to be a good one you don’t require a formal qualification.

My reflection after the event is that in order to succeed you have to be passionate about what you do and have a handful of soft skills such as, being able to think conceptually and having good listening and reasoning skills. As a practitioner it’s important to continually develop and evolve your skills and as a result your confidence will grow. Instinct is important and mistakes are inevitable, learn from them and move forward.

Here are my sketch notes from the event. View full image as pdf

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