Q&A With Tim Loo, Director Of Strategy

By Tim Loo @timothyloo

Tim Loo, Director of Strategy, was recently invited to participate in an intimate Q&A by Group Think to talk about all things experience strategy.

Key takeaways

  • Experience strategy not a separate thing to business strategy, but rather a subset of it, and it helps you answer questions like: which markets should we invest in? How do you make money? How does the brand feel?
  • It’s important that leadership gets onboard and starts to talk about customer-centricity and improving the experience and closing the gap between expectations and reality.
  • Experience strategy is about creating stuff that is persuasive enough to get used and creates change.
  • A prototype is always better than a PowerPoint, since you can’t have too much interpretation to the work.
  • One aspect of your role as a strategist is in providing clients with a predictive model of the future - confidence that doing X will lead to Y.
  • When developing personas it’s more about behavioural segments.
  • Design personas for where the value is - it’s about making something simple and usable for the organisation.
  • If you have any sense of how customers feel about something, it’s the path to caring about changing it.

Read the full Q&A with Tim Loo on Group Think.

Q&A With Tim Loo, Director Of Strategy At Foolproof

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Tim Loo

I’m the Strategy Director at Foolproof and head up our Experience Strategy practice. I take a lead role when our clients are looking to formally create an experience strategy, plan and measurement framework. It’s an exciting area to work in and an increasingly critical and integral part of many a corporate’s business strategy.

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