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By Elsa Plumley

Social media has the potential to be a hugely useful resource for the user experience (UX) community but so far it has been largely untapped for research and design purposes. It’s time we used it as a tool to engage users in meaningful, collaborative conversations.

Dan Sorvik and I will be talking about how the UX community can take advantage of this opportunity at the Usability Professionals’ Association International Conference in Atlanta on the 22nd June.

We’ve set up a short survey on Facebook ahead of our presentation, with a little help from our friends Techlightenment. Their new social research platform helps us create sophisticated research environments in places like Facebook.

Take part in our UX Social Quiz to see how this works and to help us understand perceptions of the use of social media in usability, user experience and design.

The quiz explores how the UX community uses social networks, so if you’re reading our blog it’s probably very relevant to you.

Please allow access at the end of the poll so that we can share the great insights we gather with you after our talk in Atlanta.

Elsa Plumley

As Experience Design Director, I oversee the quality of the Experience Design work we do for our clients here at Foolproof. My particular area of focus is ensuring the quality of the advice we provide to our clients, right from how best to organise themselves and approach tackling a business challenge, through to how best to solve specific design problems.

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