UCLIC students visit Foolproof

By Tim Loo @timothyloo

Following on from Mara and Elsa’s presentation to UCL students last week, we invited the same students to visit us in our London office as part of Foolproof’s World Usability Day activities.

It was a really fun and informative session and we were really impressed by the turnout and the level of engagement. As you can see from the photos it was a full house.

Taking turns to play the role of researcher and respondent the students had hands-on experience of our research labs, including eye tracking.

We also introduced them to the work we do here at Foolproof, the work we carry out for clients and how this relates to the skills and methods they’re learning through their course.

It was great to field some questions for the students about the work that we do, what our clients want and where we see the industry going. Our discussions ranged from how we use personas and scenarios in design to the implications on UX within an agile development lifecycle. We’ll be putting down further thoughts on some of those questions here over the coming weeks.

It was all topped off with a beer on Foolproof at one of our local watering holes.

We’ve already had a lovely piece of feedback in an email from one of the students who attended the day:

“I’m very impressed with Foolproof culture, the relaxed environment and the way of doing things. I’d a great talk with Mara, Elsa and Tim. Quite an energetic team I would say!”

The life blood of our business is bright, talented and creative people and the UCLIC Masters programme has been an important source of UX consultants for us. It was great to meet the next generation of practitioners.

We hope to see all of them knocking on our door when the time comes round for internships, work placements and fulltime employment. Perhaps we’ve even glimpsed some Foolproofers of the future.

You can view all our current vacancies on our careers page.

Tim Loo

I’m the Strategy Director at Foolproof and head up our Experience Strategy practice. I take a lead role when our clients are looking to formally create an experience strategy, plan and measurement framework. It’s an exciting area to work in and an increasingly critical and integral part of many a corporate’s business strategy.

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