UK UXPA annual pub quiz

by Foolproof

As UK UXPA Secretary I had the honour of being this year’s co-quizmaster for the annual pub quiz, when the London UX community roll up their sleeves, put on their thinking caps and compete for pride and honour on the national UX stage.

As such a broad discipline with a very vocal community, it was hard to know where to start with engineering a please-all user experience quiz. Perhaps the biggest challenge was to create something information rich without being an exam.

We opted for questions to test the audiences’ skills, knowledge and basic intuition, as well as a bit of pot luck and folly.

The whole experience got me thinking a lot about the ‘UX skillset’ and how broad it really is. It also reminded me of our last event ‘Profiling the Perfect UX Practitioner‘ and how Jason Mesuts wonderful dissection of the UX skillset really rang true.

Here’s a summary of some of the areas we covered:

  • Analytical thinking: guess the UX method from cryptic clues sketched up by Foolproof’s very own Lauren Coleman – try these (answers at the end).

uxpa quiz lge

  • Intuition: the ever popular “guess the wireframe” was back, together with some other tests of instinct and intuition, “guess the eye track” and “which test won?”.
  • UX Geek factor: ability to unravel anagrams of famous UXers and designers and identify famous UX quotes. Try these (answers at the end).
    1. Darn! On old man
    2. Jove’s best
    3. Hunk saw niceness
  • Tech savviness: awareness of emergent products and technologies.
  • Psychologist extraordinaire: from Pavlov’s dogs to the golden ratio and Gestalt principles.
  • Social animal: questions on sociocultural trends and social media. Did you know, more people in the world now own a mobile phone than a toothbrush?
  • Competitive edge: match the sponsor to the catchphrase. People did unanimously badly at this round, hopefully not a testimony to the effectiveness of our industry’s brand messaging.
  • Design guru: a creative challenge round, where teams were given brown paper, string, Post-it notes, balloons and clothes pegs to create an “incredible user experience”. We saw some fantastic creations.
  • Oozing charisma: teams had to pitch their designs to the room.
  • Well rounded: thrown in for good measure was some general knowledge, including a round on the recent Olympics – quite possibly the best user experience London has ever had! (aside from the ticketing website).
  • Light hearted: finally, there was a bit of gratuitous fun with rock paper scissors, heads or tails, and other bonus rounds.

Here’s a photo of our winners “fact-up”, wearing their eponymous “UX Rockstar” winner’s T-shirts.

We hope it was a fun night for all. See you next year!


UX method: 1, Guerilla research 2, Persona 3, Information architecture 4, Benchmark

UX geek factor: 1, Donald Norman 2, Steve Jobs 3, Susan Weinschenk

What do you think?