Unlocking cashless donations

By Peter Ballard @Ballyfool

The payments landscape in our society is increasingly cashless and loose change is becoming a thing of the past. Charities have been slow to evolve their methods for giving and receiving, which has left many fighting for a smaller share of what little change people still carry in their pockets.

Key Takeaways 

  • Millennials top the generosity table and are twice as likely to donate as those aged 55-plus, while also being those who expect the most from digital - charities need to cater to them better if they want to continue to prosper. 
  • Barclaycard recently announced that contactless spending grew by 166 per cent in 2016 with more than half of adults making a contactless transaction at least once a month. 
  • Charities need to use digital to build long term relationships which create value and build trust - from the initial point of contact right through to repeat donations. 
  • Hyundai and Cancer Research UK partnered with Foolproof to build the world's first car enabled for contactless payments, which tapped into this tech savvy generation at a variety of levels. When the Hyundai contactless car was unveiled at Kings Cross station in May it received over 200 interactions in just the first few hours of operation.
  • Mobile payments already support direct charitable donations. Charity:water has cited that 25 per cent of its donations come from mobile. 
  • The data gained about donators from emerging technologies is more measurable, providing charities with the opportunities to learn and develop. 

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Peter Ballard

I co-founded Foolproof with Tom Wood back in 2002. Today I work across a range of clients, particularly in the roles of Experience Planner and Client Partner. In my role as Experience Planner, I ensure that our design teams have access to the right insight to respond appropriately to the business and creative challenges faced by our clients.

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