UX London: Behaviour change

by Foolproof

Another useful presentation about the bigger picture of user experience or interaction, influencing behavioural and organisational change. From the end-of-session questions and the comments at our stand it’s clear practitioners are a little unsure about the messages presented both by Robert Fabricant and Oliver King and how we can fit and influence the big organisations.

The benefits of the examples cited in the presentation were clear: consumers receiving the product delivered by an improved system ultimately get a better product or service, more tuned support and ‘helpful’ help – and ultimately a more positive ‘experience’. Isn’t this what our industry is about? So why do we have a crisis of confidence about effecting organisational change?

Robert stated, and it’s a view I share, that as designers we already have the tools to do the job, it’s just the scale and position (system rather than product, business rather than department) that differs. The tools and techniques we use day to day form the building blocks and can create inroads to that bigger system. We are all contributing to the improvement of it in the work we do.

The clever firms are the ones that take experience design (or service design or behavioural chain or whatever branding you want to put on it) to the heart of their culture. Some are already doing it and I’m sure I don’t have to tell you who they are.

Author: Roger Smithers

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