UX London: Change you can believe in

by Foolproof

I met Steve Baty at the London UX Bookclub Speed Dating event last night. His enthusiastic description of his workshop made me drop my previous choice, sorry Louis, and go along to find out about Communicating Behavioural Insights.

Spending an afternoon sketching current, future and transition stories felt a bit like skiving. But the pace of the workshop soon got our creative juices flowing.

Steve photographed some of the participant’s sketches and showed them to the group. It was so useful to see how other people approached the problems of representing different behaviours, motivations and emotions. And it was more evidence that you don’t need to be a great illustrator. You just need to have great ideas.

My most valuable takeaway was the use of transition stories. These describe how you persuade people to change from their current to their future behaviour. And they look like a really effective way to create a conversation about how we change, not just what we change to.

Overall there is an incredible vibe here. Lots of great conversations before during and after events. And the UK UPA event tonight is looking really good already.


What do you think?