UX Strategy thought-leader video series – Jim Kalbach

By Tim Loo @timothyloo

Welcome to our interview series on experience design strategy. In the fifth of a series of videos talking with global leaders and experts in user experience strategy we interview Jim Kalbach who is head of customer success at Mural, and author of ‘Mapping Experience’.

In this 30 min video we discuss ‘jobs to be done’ and the role it plays in emerging UX Strategy and why businesses need to adopt a designer’s mindset. We also cover the importance of creating a digitally designed work space and its advantages both for businesses and recruitment purposes.


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Interview Notes

  • Defining UX Strategy [1:12]
  • UX Strategy as a cascading strategy [4:34]
  • ‘Jobs to be done’ – and the role it plays in emerging UX Strategy [7:36]
  • Resources for UX Strategists [10:38]
  • Businesses need to adopt a designer’s mindset [13:17]
  • Injecting creativity into strategy planning [16:38]
  • What is ‘shared value’ [19:23]
  • How should we approach ‘shared value’ and how is it formed? [22:40]
  • How apps compete in terms of experience [26:36]
  • Digitally designed workspace as a recruitment advantage [29:21] 
  • The future of experience design strategy [31:46]

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