UX500 redux

By Tom Wood @Foolproofer

Last July we launched the ‘UX500’ – a list of user experience opinion leaders from around the world, ranked by their social influence on the subject.

It seems to be a useful resource: the list has already received more than 20,000 visits, making it one of the most viewed Peer Index groups across all industries and disciplines.

It’s been fun to curate the group on behalf of the wider UX community. And we welcome all the comments and input we’ve had from around the world over the past six months.

New and improved

One consistent theme from the feedback we’ve received has been that some of those listed, notably in the higher reaches of the list, can’t, strictly speaking, be considered UX ‘specialists’.

So although they may often share interesting opinions and insights on UX, this is typically just one strand of a broader mix of content, within a far wider digital remit. This is a fair point, so we’re now tightening the criteria for inclusion in the UX500 so that it includes only those who can reasonably claim that UX is a core area of specialism.

This means that the likes of Mashable, Smashing Magazine, Econsultancy and New Media Age are no longer eligible for the list (though given their lofty position on numerous digital groups, we’re sure they’ll soon get over the disappointment).

Frog Design takes over the top spot and the Top 10 now includes Martin Belam (@currybet), Aral Balkan (@Aral) and Alessandro Piana Bianco (@Kurren). We hope you’ll agree this is a positive move and that the full UX500 list now better represents the worldwide UX community using social media.

We hope you’ll continue to find the UX500 an interesting and useful resource. And if you have any suggestions about how we can improve it further please let us know.

More about the UX 500 list.

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