UXPA World Usability Day: Usability of Financial Systems

by Foolproof

Last night I had the pleasure of attending the UXPA World Usability Day event at Thomson Reuters, where I was asked to sketchnote the presentations.

The topic of conversation was usability in the Financial Services industry and we had some fantastic talks from Amir Dotan, Scott Weiss and Andrew Merryweather.

Trading platforms and data-rich financial service applications is not an area I have personally worked in before, so it was really interesting to hear about the design process and real-world problems that are encountered when addressing this distinctive user group. I was fascinated to learn about the complex environment that the designer is presented with when considering the context of use, and to understand how important and critical these rich applications are to the end-users. A key take-away for me was the notion that financial service professionals are now expecting something more from their IT systems. It's no longer as simple as optimising task-based performance, but as consumers of B2C applications outside of the working environment, there is a growing need to create a simple and consistent user experience.

What do you think?