Video: Creativity and Alcohol

by Foolproof

Does alcohol really make you more creative, or just make you think that you are? Well, the wait is almost over.

Next month we will be revealing the results from our Newt Judge Experiment. In case you missed it our friends at The Drum posted this video: The Newt Judge Experiment Trailer.

We invited 18 creative-types into our office in London and split them into two groups with equal experience. One group was plied with alcohol and the other with water or soft drinks. Each was given three hours to work on a creative brief, ironically, to tackle the nationwide issue of binge drinking among young people.

During the next month the top five ideas from each group will be judged by the prestigious judges at the Chip Shop Awards. At the same time we will also be seeing what the public think of the ideas.

A big thank you to Dave Birss at Additive, Wyndham Lewis at equimedia, Julian Hanford who took photos and Tom Baker for filming the event, and of course to our 18 volunteers.

What do you think?