GNER booking system redesign

The redesigned booking engine pushed online ticket sales up 50% by making planning journeys and ordering tickets simpler.

The challenge was to design a ticket booking system that encouraged more people to book online, and set GNER’s (now East Coast) approach as the benchmark for the marketplace.

Our solution helped drive up online ticket sales by 50%; customers were even eager to comment on the great experience they’d had using the new system.

What we did

User research identified that the new system needed to play a useful and meaningful role in travel planning, not just booking. By identifying real customer needs, we were able to drive uptake and retention, giving us the insight needed to rapidly create and test concepts.

One light bulb moment came when we created three completely different ways to think about browsing and buying tickets that came from our persona development. This moved the project on in an exciting new direction, and exploring the different approaches led us to the final design approach.

The outcome was a system which still sets a standard for mass transportation booking and has influenced several competitor designs that followed it.


Great North Eastern Railway personas
Great North Eastern Railway price close up

"Our solution helped drive up online ticket sales by 50%."