Device Lab

The Foolproof Device Lab exists to support our local creative communities to test their work on an ever-growing range of handheld devices.

About the Device Lab

We have an Open Device Lab in London which we offer as a community resource. You are welcome to use it whether you are a big corporation or an early stage start-up. Our one requirement, use this library to create more compelling experiences.

If you build responsive, adaptive and mobile web experiences, or native applications, you need to test your work on more than just a handful of mobile, tablet and console devices lying around your office.

Emulators and remote access tools are no match for getting your hands on the devices that your customers use day-to-day. To test the speed, interactivity and rendering performance of your application or site you need a range of real handsets. If this sounds like a need you need to meet immediately click here to get in touch.

Multiple devices in use testing different content across screen sizes
Use the lab - it's free

The Foolproof Open Device Lab is open to everyone. It is located in Foolproof’s London office on Folgate Street. Our intention is to offer the service free as a community asset (but if you camp out for long periods of time we may need to have a little chat about making a contribution for usage and drinking our coffee). To visit a lab, send us an email a couple of days before and our team will get back to you. 

The device library

Here is the latest list of the devices we have in each lab:

London (opens as PDF)

Examples from our Device Lab

Mobile devices in our device lab locker
Mobile devices being used by a consultant
An image of our device lab in use with a orange cabinet in the background
Donate your devices

If you’ve got an unwanted or under-utilised device lying around gathering dust, we’ll welcome it with open arms.

Email us to contribute an old device – we’ll only use your email for the purpose with which it was supplied.

Book the lab

Let us know when you’d like to book the lab by emailing us, please try and provide as much information as possible about your device and date requirements. We’ll do our very best to accommodate your needs.