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How to continue a campaign experience through to your website

by Sam Geapin
18th January 2023

With the ongoing cost of living crisis and shrinking budgets, marketers who keep the customer at the heart of where they invest will come out on top.

Advancing digital technologies are improving campaign ROI but further investment and more joined up thinking when it comes to your digital estate could take that even further. Especially when ROI and Cost Per Acquisition from Meta’s ads are being overshadowed by Apple’s privacy changes.

Given this, there’s never been a more critical time to think beyond your ads and optimise the whole campaign experience. So, where to begin?

Offer a consistent digital ad-to-page experience

One of the most straightforward and inexpensive ways to improve your marketing ROI is maintaining consistency between your marketing campaigns and onsite experience.

Your website, landing pages and advertorial need a symbiotic relationship. If one is out of sync with the other, you will fail to create the desired effect from your campaign into the digital experience.

The time and effort used to segment and target audiences with the right creative assets for your new display or email campaign will be redundant if they land on the same generic web page which doesn’t understand or reflect the marketing campaign.

Some of the poorest examples in marketing surround promotional campaigns. Your digital experience should follow up on the promises made in the ad. There’s nothing worse than seeing a discounted offer within an ad that is non-existent or difficult to find after clicking through to the website.

Make it clear to users that they have landed in the right place, and create a clear path to a conversion goal that aligns with the call to action of your ad.

Break out of those silos

Oftentimes, it’s a simple case of opening a two-way communication channel between your marketing and product teams. Teams are usually working towards different success metrics, despite working towards the same overall business objective.

Work together on product ideas, share each other’s insights, and agree on shared success metrics. Understand each other’s challenges. Collaborate and think holistically about the information hierarchy, visual design and content of adverts and destination web pages presented to your customers.

A collaborative environment is a successful one.

Moving the campaign to online experience: from good to great

Beyond consistent digital customer journeys and open communication between teams, there are other ways marketing and product can improve their ROI even further.

  • Deep dive into site performance: look past the data and review heat maps and session recordings to understand what’s interesting to users and what isn’t.
  • Adopt a test-and-learn approach: experimentation doesn’t have to sit just in product teams. Marketing teams can adopt the same mindset to really drive ROI.
  • Speak with your customers: businesses often ship campaigns and product features they think users want, but speaking to real customers can disprove assumptions and steer your organisation towards a truly customer-centric culture.

Adopting some of these principles can help you deliver continuous value at pace, and improve your ad-to-page experience. Expand your skill sets, hire the right people and adapt to the changing landscape along with your customers.

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