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Improving education and training in rural India

by Akshay Chandra
13th April 2023

India is a country of over 1.2 billion people, many of whom live and are educated as part of a rural community.

That’s why some of our brightest and best team from our India Studio recently conducted a study in rural India, using a blend of research methodologies and design heuristics, to create this report on:

  • Experiences of academic and non-academic education in rural communities.
  • What technology plays a part in different ways of engaging with educational content.
  • How education and learning happens beyond the classroom.
  • How community can play a role in education. 

We hope this provides insight into the experiences of those receiving education in rural India and some ideas on how to augment this experience for the better going forwards while not overlooking the realities of the lived environment and the experiences of the people within them. 

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