Adam Symonds

United Kingdom
UX Consultant
Adam Symonds

As a UX Consultant at Foolproof, it is my job to work with clients helping them to meet their business and research objectives. To achieve this, I plan and execute research to fully understand the problem space.

Once the problem space is diagnosed, I am then able to provide clear and actionable recommendations that are achievable, within the constraints of the clients’ business.

In my mind, the iterative cycle is the best way to improve and/or create digital outputs. This keeps both cost and risk as minimal as possible for the client. Even the most skeptical of clients realise this once they witness the results!

My journey in UX started back at UWE in Bristol, where I earned a BSc in Digital Media. And it was at University, that I was selected to form part of a small team to work closely with the HKDI (Hong Kong Design Institute) on a collaborative STEM project for World Didac Asia 2017 Conference by VTC. 

Prior to Foolproof, I worked for an international research agency - working internationally on a variety of projects across sectors including: banking, telecoms, e-commerce, online gaming, conveyancing and automotive.

Outside of the office I enjoy socialising, music and live events, but top of the list is travelling. I enjoy the touristy locations (everyone needs that insta pic) but my preference is to visit places that aren’t overrun by tourists, such as Uganda - where I once spent an afternoon with a group of Silverback Gorillas.