Alma Oparaocha

Project Co-ordinator
"In my 5 years of experience as a Coordinator, I have mastered how to facilitate communication globally."

As a Project Coordinator at Foolproof, my role is to create and plan schedules for our UXDesign Research programmes. The majority of our programmes are constrained by strict budgets and set deadlines, I ensure the timely and efficient delivery of the insightful outputs.

In my 5 years of experience as a Coordinator, I have mastered how to facilitate communication globally between our Insight teams and Stakeholders, as well as working with 3rd party vendors. It is my role to intake the vital information and assess that from a logistical standpoint, coordinating the project team to ensure that the brief is met, as initially agreed, and that all parties involved are fully aware of how the project is progressing from initiation to project completion.

Prior to being at Foolproof, I worked as a Creative Project Coordinator in an in-house agency, specialising in the advertisement of financial products. In this role I was the middle man between the creative teams and clients, representing both parties equally to ensure that everyone involved had their needs met for the successful delivery of the end goal. I have coordinated the creation, development and distribution of promotional advertising print collateral, email campaigns, videos, websites, translations, animations, event displays and numerous other advertising outputs.

At University I studied Marketing and Advertising Management, as I’ve always had a deep interest in advertisement. I especially enjoy exploring the creative ways brands engage with their customers through advertisement, so naturally UX design research was a pertinent path in the development of my interests and skills to follow; the strategic and creative thought that is applied when building a digital product with a customer centric point of view is something that is extremely fascinating to me.

Outside of Foolproof I freelance as a Stylist, giving image consultancy, wardrobe styling and creative direction to upcoming musicians, artists and social media influencers. I also enjoy cooking at home with my husband in my spare time.