Daniel Olorode

First Line IT Support
"No two days are the same which is why I enjoy working at Foolproof."

As a 1st line I.T support technician, my job is to assist all office users with any technical difficulties they may have. This covers a range of tasks from simple password resets to more hands on tasks such as the set-up of complex labs. No two days are the same which is why I enjoy working at Foolproof.

Before joining Foolproof I was a 1st line technician within a very small team at a very large NHS hospital. I assisted mainly consultants and nurses with new internal software used only in the top Hospitals across England as well as hardware issues with printers and laptops. Prior to this I had various roles within the NHS before landing my first role in I.T.

In my spare time I like to stay active so I regularly go to the gym and play football at least once a week. As well as playing football, I love watching it and follow the premier league’s top six teams although Arsenal are the best team ‘cough’.

When I’m not playing or watching football, I often read to help myself relax or spend time with family and friends.