Glen Broomfield

Experience Design Director
Glen Broomfield
"The projects I find to be most impactful are those that examine an organisation’s DNA."

I'm a designer who helps organisations prioritise, identify and resolve the problems which are preventing their customers from living happy, productive lives. I do this by collaborating with teams of inventive people across disciplines to help our clients better serve their customers. As an Experience Design Director, my time is principally spent supporting team members and clients through the various stages of the product and service design lifecycle. 

The projects I find to be most impactful are those that examine an organisation’s DNA - exploring ways of enabling teams to work together more effectively with greater agility on their journey towards becoming customer-centric. 

Every service - whether it’s digital or physical products, person to person interactions, or a combination of the two - is a reflection of the organisation and people who create and maintain it. If organisations are fragmented or siloed, the experience can feel that way for customers. Designing services that are delightful experiences can require shifts in the mental models of the team delivering the service itself. Understanding the people an organisation serves is always the first step. 

I earned a Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration from the Penn State University, a Master of Design in Service Design Innovation from the University of Arts London at Ravensbourne, and hold certifications in Lean, Six Sigma and Agile Change Management. I thrive on participating in discussions about Design while capturing and sharing thoughts through papers, workshops and presentations at global events.

I believe well-designed services should not only serve the unmet needs of a customer but should be mindful of the ecosystems that person exists within. This mindset of empathy, sustainability and thinking in systems has permeated into my everyday actions, as well as professional values.

I'm a dual national (UK and US), Dad (to a dog and human), storyteller, runner, foodie and I love a juicy IPA with homemade pizza on a Friday night.